Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Uncalled For

I was going to write this last night but I was super tired & figured that I should calm down first anyway. I have calmed down in the sense that I am no longer screaming and crying but I am still furious. Branden has a friend, & they have been friends since the first grade. Recently friend & I had a falling out I guess. He has always been a negative, whiny, things have to go my way type of person. But lately it's gotten worse & worse. Well, I was the one who finally called him out on it. Apparently that makes me a bitch. Whatever. He deleted me from facebook. Whatever.

Last night Branden had a softball game. Friend plays on that team as well. We always go out to eat afterwards. Last night was no different. So we are sitting at the table, me right next to Branden & friend across from him. There were like 8 of us but the rest don't really matter for this story. So I was facing the rest of them talking & Branden was trying to convince friend to come up sometime for a party sometime or something. We live an hour away from all of them. Of course friend, being the self absorbed person that he is, only does things if there is something in it for him. So Branden tells him that they live next to the beauty college & 7 girls (along with other people) came over the other night. Branden lives in a house with 6 other guys. Anyway, friend drops his voice and asks "Did you sleep with any of them?" Of course Branden said no in a why the hell would I tone. Then friend goes "Why not?" Branden preceeds to be like uhhh because.... Then friend is all "Was Bri there or something?" At that point I whipped around, flicked him off, called him a jackass & told him to fuck off. He looked at me for about 30 seconds & then was like "eh whatever."

Seriously now. The kid & I have not spoken in over 2 weeks & this is how he is choosing to act?? And I'm the bitch?? Who the fuck does he think he is trying to convince my boyfriend to cheat on me. So we sat through the rest of dinner, me ignoring friend with the exception of a few death glares. We got into the car to go home & I lost it. I started yelling & bawling my eyes out to Branden. Branden of course agreed that it was uncalled for & said that he would talk to him.

Branden's sister is getting married Saturday & friend will be there. I already told Branden that if friend says anything like that ever again I am going to lay him out. It's not going to help that I know he probably will & there is going to be alcohol involved. Whenever I drink, well too much anyway, I am the type of person that whatever my emotion is, it multiplies by like 10. So if I'm happy & having fun whatever. I am the fun giggly person. But if I get mad or sad... oh boy. I know I'm not fun to be around. That is how Branden & I ended up in a huge fight at his going away party before he left for OSUT.

Anyway, I am not looking forward to friend's comments Saturday that I know are almost inevitable. I shall try to remain the bigger person. Will I actually beat him? Most likely not. Now that I'm actually over 18 I def. think twice before striking a person. Especially when the person & I do not get along at all therefore he would probably press charges. (That kind of makes me sound violent & like I did it all the time. That's not the case I swear. Just before I wouldn't have really thought twice before smacking someone, not overly hard or anything, if they were acting like an ass or were out of line.)

Ok I have to be across campus for a test in 9 minutes & I'm just rambling now. The fuming from yesterday is building back up just talking about it.

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