Monday, March 1, 2010

Counting Calories

Spring is so close I can smell it. I was able to walk to & from class in just a fleece zip up. Even then I got a little warm. It is so nice I just want to go run around. I even tore down the plastic from our living room window when I got back from class. Hopefully it doesn't decided to go sub zero anymore until next winter.

Yesterday I completed my first day of tracking calories taken in & those burned. I actually just did the calories burned a couple minutes ago & it's a rough estimate. I found an awesome website though to help with it. It has everything from hard core aerobics to sex to sleeping. You just enter the estimated minutes spend doing every activity and it calculates them for you. Here is a link. It's actually to a list of all of their calculators. They aren't all about weightloss either. There is a blood alcohol estimater & one's about pregnancy as well.

I took in 2930 calories yesterday. YIKES! But I ate fast food so that was def a part of it. According to the calculator I burned 1694 though. That is a lot of calories but I burned off over half of them. So really the only bad part about it was that they were crappy calories, ie. fast food & lots of chips. I am really terrible about eating healthy because I never really make meals anymore. I only have me to cook for & share a kitchen with 3 other girls so there really isn't room to keep many ingrediants & I hate cooking for one. When Branden & I lived together I cooked a lot. I would make pasta, soup, or just other types of meals all the time. Now I don't have room to keep the leftovers or want to eat the same thing for a whole week.

I don't really want to lose a ton of weight either. At most I'd want to lose 13 pounds but even looking at myself I don't know that I'd really want to lose that much. I just miss the idea of weighing 150. But heck I miss being 5'7" & I won't be shrinking 3 inches anytime soon. I'd really just like to slim down my thighs & flatten out my stomach.

Off the topic of calories & weightloss... Sunday I had a way too vivid, but still crazy, dream that I was 3 weeks period. My last period ended on Feb 6/7 which would be exactly 3 weeks prior to me having the dream. Needless to say I am slightly freaked out. Granted I have had dozens of pregnancy dreams or dreams where I have a baby & never actually been pregnant. I've never actually had one where I was scared (which I most def would be if I was actually pregnant) & where I knew how far along I was. My period cannot come soon enough...

I also will feel super guilty if I am pregnant. I would keep the baby & love it so much but at the same time I would feel bad knowing that I got pregnant not really wanting a baby & praying that I am not when so many women out there want babies so badly yet cannot have them.

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  1. Good for you for tracking calories! I started my blog intending it to be more of a 'get healthy' and cook/eat better blog, but it has turned into more of a teaching rant so far. Weird about the dream...I've actually never had a pregnancy dream in my whole life! I think it would really freak me out.