Friday, April 26, 2019

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday everyone!  Happy last Friday of April at that!  I hope that everyone had a great week, mine was a short week in terms of the number of work days since we had Monday off, but it sure felt long!  I don't really have a lot planned for this weekend but I am okay with that since I was gone all last weekend!  Maybe I'll catch up on some blogging... or maybe not.  Only time will tell.  

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Events of the Week
**I fell off the social media wagon this week, intentionally with Instagram & unintentionally with blogging.  Last Saturday I posted something on Instagram & noticed it didn't show up for any of my hashtags or the location tags.  I gave it 24 hours & then it happened again on Sunday & again on Monday.  So I decided to switch back to a personal account from a business account, unlinked my account from anything & everything, & then stayed off Instagram until this morning.  So we'll see if that fixed it or not... I have a feeling I was shadowbanned for one reason or another (probably liking too many pictures too often) & am hoping it has been lifted.**  

**Not blogging was unintentional.  I actually had post ideas for every single day  this week (Monday Morning Coffee, Dog Friendly Places in Houston, What's Up Wednesday, What to Wear for Girls' Weekend, & today's post)  But then I got back from Houston Sunday afternoon & was too tired to type anything up & it all just snowballed from there.  I would still like to at the very least get the dog friendly post up if not also the what to wear post... we'll see**

**Last Friday I mentioned that I had been invited to participate in round 1 of interviews for a high school down near Houston that I REALLY want to work at.  I recorded and sent in my 2 minute video Sunday afternoon/early evening & I have been impatiently waiting for a response ever since.  I know that I will hear back either way so I am trying not to stress out too hard...but that's just who I am.  Patience is not a virtue that I have.  Even though I'm feeling confident, possibly too confident, about getting a second interview, if not the actual job itself, if ya'll could say a little prayer that I do get another interview...and ultimately the job...that'd be swell!**

**Last night I went to my first ever high school softball game that either a)I didn't play in or b)I didn't coach.  The girls that I coached as freshmen when I moved up to DFW from Houston are seniors now & made it to the playoffs.  They lost but I am still so proud of them for making it & it was so great to see them.  Some of them I had in class, some just for softball, & some I had for both basketball & softball**

Moments of Gratitude
**50% off Easter candy**

**Our softball season ending (aka getting my evenings back**

**Getting free BBQ at an all district softball meeting**

**Getting to see former students/athletes make the playoffs for softball**

**Feeling confident about getting a new job**

From the Phone



  1. Best Grey's gif, always.
    Final classes and final exams = being AWOL for me. YOLO.
    That last quote speaks to my soul.
    Also, that packing one, might be a too soon. I need to pack for Germany for a month and I'm getting anxiety thinking about it.
    I've purposely not gone to the store due to the temptation of easter candy.

  2. Here's hoping you get the job!!

  3. Good luck with the job! Using a heartfelt Meredith Grey quote certainly helps, right? Derek did pick her, choose her, love her! :D