Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Manifesting Your Dreams in 2019 With a Vision Board

Something that I've always love, but never actually done because my crafting skills are usually at about nil, is the idea of a Vision Board.

Blame it on all of the personal development books I've been listening to, I decided that this was going to be the year that I made one.  So I sat down & started planning out my blog content for the year, & since my first month is about transforming my mindset, and because it's the first month of the year, talking about Vision Boards seemed like a good topic to be one of the first to hit the blog.  Wouldn't you know it there was soon a training that popped up in one of the coaching groups that I belong to so I watched it & took some notes.  I already had last week's blog posts completed so I plugged "vision board" into today's slot on my spreadsheet.  Then guess what happened??  At the end of last week a "vision board creation party" was created for last night in that same coaching group!  Perfect timing!  As a group we wrote out our major goals for the year & started in on creating our vision boards.  Look at that, manifesting my goals already!

So how do you make a vision board?  Well there are lots of options!

Write down your goals
We spent about 10 minutes just listing out what we wanted to happen this year.  Remember to DREAM BIG!  Possible topics to consider:

Make them measurable
Don't just say "I want to lose weight."  How much do you want to lose & by when?  Once you've figured out your broad goals, write down a measurable amount & time frame.

Choose if you want it to be physical or digital
1. Some people to get out their craft materials & get to work making a physical one. 
That's not me though.  Partly because I don't have magazines or a printer at home & I'm not about to run out & buy that plus the glue & fun things just to make one.

2. Or make one digitally which is what I did.  I got on Canva & used my free account to make my collage.  I used the Blog Banner template but you can use whatever makes your heart happy.

Get to creating!
Once you have your goals written down, you've made them measurable, & you've decided what you want your vision board to look like, it's time to get to work.  No two vision boards are going to look the same... and they shouldn't!  Also, don't worry if it's not "pretty."  I'll share mine in a hot second but I can promise you it's nothing to write home about.  With time they'll get better & better looking.  Unless you're just a crafting/graphic design rock star in which case I'm sure your first one will be gorgeous!

Put it somewhere you'll see it ALL. THE. TIME!
If you're making a physical one, hang it up on the wall!  In your bathroom, your bedroom, somewhere you're going to see it every day!

If you're making a digital one, make it your phone or computer background!

I'm going to be getting mine printed out in color & attaching it to the cork board part of my calendar I look at daily in my kitchen,

So what did mind wind up looking like??

In case you can't read it:
-Move back to MN (June)
-Be a Diamond coach by Summit (July)
-Pay off credit card debt (Dec)
-Find a healthy/mature long-term relationship (June-Dec)
-Visit a place I've never been (Dec)
-Finish Transform 20 & 80 Day Obsession (June)
-Get out of the classroom (Sep)
-Get a place with a yard for Nash (June-Dec)
-Get my case study published (Dec)

Have you ever made a vision board before?  Where do you put yours?


  1. I'm excited to see your path out of the classroom!

  2. I need to refer back to this in the future because I need to make a better vision board... or at least clarify the intent behind some of the things I put on my current one. I tend to do these sorts of exercises but then avoid being specific about the goals I've included because I'm terrified of actually having the things that I want. Why am I like this? haha