Monday, November 5, 2018

Giving Thanks

Happy first Monday in November!  I ain't even mad that it's Monday today.  This is going to be a relatively short week as far as time with students goes & we're in the single digits of school days left until Thanksgiving break!  Linking up with Biana for some weekending & Andrea for TBB Asks!

1. Have you ever kept a Gratitude Journal? Yes or No?
**I actually started a new gratitude journal on the 1st.  I had intended to do it on my birthday so I could have a year of being thankful while 30, but then I forgot & Nov 1 seemed like the next best option**

2. Hosting Thanksgiving at your house? Yes or No?
**Would I?  Absolutely, if I had a house & didn't live far away from everyone.  I'm actually not sure which side of the family I'll be seeing this year, or where it will be held.  Heck, it may be both.  All I know is I will be back in MN for it & I couldn't be happier.**

3. Favorite Food from The Thanksgiving Meal?
**Green Bean Casserole.  It's not even a competition.**

4. What one thing in Nature are you most grateful for?

5. Pumpkin Pie: Yes or No?
**I may give it another go this year, but up until this point, no.  I'm not really a fan of pumpkin anything... I do love me some pecan pie though!**

6. Traditional Cookbook: Yes or No?
**I love the idea of traditional cookbooks, & I love how they all look on a shelf, however right now I have like no storage space & find Pinterest easier when it comes to locating recipes I've already made/loved.**

7. Oven Baked or Deep-Fried Turkey?
**I like both & have had both.  Generally we have oven baked just because easier, but both are delicious**

8. Thanksgiving Leftovers: Yes or No?
**I pretty much live on leftovers as it is, & grew up on leftovers, but there is something extra special about Thanksgiving leftovers.  Mixing everything together!  Yum!**

9. What is one household product your most grateful for?
**Does a vacuum count as a product??  I bought mine last year on Black Friday & I'm still obsessed with it!**

10. Are you most grateful for home cooked meals or restaurant meals? 
**Specifically when I go back to Minnesota & they are mama or daddy made meals...**

And now onto the weekend recap...

Friday was a pretty easy day.  My 10th graders took a test, & I had class on the football field with my seniors.  We did an income inequality exercise & then I just let them sit outside & get their work done and/or talk if they were all done with everything.  That night I didn't really do anything either.  I came up with a meal plan for the weekend & my last week of the 21 Day Fix and watched Netflix.

Saturday was my most productive day.  I woke up, got my workout in, & then headed to my 9 am dentist appointment... that I didn't actually go to.  It was supposed to be by the mall but I drove around the mall for 15 minutes before just making a new appointment at a different location that's actually closer to where I live anyway.  Turns out it was *in* the mall.  No thanks.

Because I suddenly found myself with more time than I thought I'd have I took Nash to the dog park.  He had fun for all of maybe 15-20 minutes & then was over it so I took Mr. Anti-Social home.  We watched The Nineties on Netflix.  If you haven't started this yet I highly suggest it!!

I had a therapy appointment at 12 so I left a little early to get myself some Starbucks which actually caused me to almost be late because the Starbucks by me is chaotic.  #WorthIt  After therapy I *finally* went to Trader Joe's.  I got myself some flowers & cookie butter.  On the way home I hit up the grocery store to do the rest of my shopping.  Nash & I hung out watching more the The Nineties until it was time for me to meet Raeann for a concert.  There was an all day festival with free concerts but we only went to see Vertical Horizon & Tonic.  We probably would have stayed for Stone Temple Pilots if there wasn't impending hail, crazy drunk people, & the fact that standing on uneven ground for 3.5 hours had both of our backs hurting.  #Old

I managed to only hit one patch of horrible rain on my drive home & still be in bed by 9:30-10.  That's my kind of night out!

I got 8 hours of sleep!  Holy glorious!  Honestly, I got 8 hours of sleep because I forgot about the time change & when I saw 5 am on my clock I didn't want to get up yet so I fell back asleep until 6.  I hate this time of year as far as the sun goes.  I HATE that it gets dark out so early.  I do appreciate that extra hour of sleep I got because I forgot about the time change though...

I took the morning slow, did my yoga, ate, watched more the The Nineties, & chilled with home skillet.  I also got my meal prep done for the week.  Potato Soup & Hasselback Chicken.  I headed to Fort Worth to watch the Vikings beat the Lions.  I also ate another cheat meal (see chili cheese dog & Starbucks above for the first cheats).  I got wings because that's what I do when I go to Fort Worth to watch football.  Totally worth it.  Luckily they forgot about my fries because I did NOT need those.  The game went by super fast!  It was done by 2:30! (It had started at noon FYI because CST).

When I got home I started watching the Ken Burns docuseries on the Vietnam War while grading.  Another thing I hated about the time change on day 1... the fact that it was dark at 7 & I felt like I had everything accomplished & therefore kinda wanted to go to bed... but going to bed at 7 is an awful idea unless I want a horrible sleep cycle to begin.  So I just played on my phone & watched Netflix until 8:30 Nash got all antsy to go to bed.


  1. I love that you're most grateful for sunrises. They are pretty amazing! xo, Biana-BlovedBoston

  2. I have really enjoyed the answers to the nature question and the household product question. Sunrises and sunsets are certainly pretty fabulous. I answered sunshine. So kind of on the same wavelength.

    And my product was a crock pot. My crock pot is my BFF. We wouldn't eat lots of nights if not for meals cooked in my slow cooker.