Friday, September 28, 2018

Goodbye September

At this point it's really not all that hard to believe that after this weekend September will be over.  This entire year has been flying by.  The Vikings played on Thursday so there will be no football for me this weekend.  It should be a fairly low key weekend overall & for that I am grateful since next weekend I'll be going out of town.  Linking up with Amanda.

Because I slept poorly pretty much all last weekend, like 5.5 hours on average each night, I was so tired on Monday.  The cloudy, dreary weather didn't help either.  I am definitely looking forward to 4 day weeks the next 3 weeks.  After years of going back & forth on it, I finally decided to make an appointment with someone to talk about how to manage my stress & my anxiety.  It took forever & a day to find someone who had weekend or later hours but I finally did so Monday morning I made an appointment for this weekend.

Tuesday was so incredibly long.  I got to work a little before 8 am & didn't get to leave until after 8 pm because open house.  I didn't even really get to eat my lunch because I also had kids in my room all lunch period doing test corrections.  Luckily that meant I still had my lunch for after school & the PTA was kind enough to provide food for us.  I've been trying to eat all of my leftover Burrito Pie Casserole so that I can start making more fall recipes!

Fun fact: Only 3 of those pictures were up before open house & all of those binders are empty.  All of that got put in place about 5 minutes before the first parents showed up to my room.  The teacher before me left all of those binders in a mess on a back table when she got a new room.  I decided that since I had parents coming in I should make the room a little more "classroomy."  I wound up with 15 parents showing up.  A lot more than I thought I would.  The mom of one of my seniors even brought me a loaf of homemade bread!

Wednesday was. a. struggle.  Tuesday felt like Thursday, Wednesday felt like it should be Friday, & yet it wasn't.  And coming off of a 12 hour work day the energy levels were low.  I wisely chose to wear jeans to work because getting all dressed up just seemed like too much work.  I'm glad I made that choice because it was pouring rain when I left for work.  I got into the car looking like a wet rat.  Even my socks & shoes were soaked!

Mornings like this definitely call for a "Turn Around Don't Drown" day off.

The rain did eventually stop though & life went on.  I know I may regret this as soon as I put this into the universe but the weather here is starting to feel amazing.  Perfect fall weather.  As in perfect REAL fall weather, not Texas standards.  It was breezy & in the 60s once the rain stopped.  I picked up a new fall candle (it's no secret around here that I am not a pumpkin flavor/scent fan... but this candle...Pecan Pumpkin top notch!) from Walmart & then Nasho & I took a walk to take advantage of the cool, dry, fall like weather.

My Home Chef box arrived so that I could start mixing up what I'm eating.  I decided to order an EveryPlate box to be delivered in a couple of weeks to try them out because again $24 for 6 meals... not bad.  I'll just make some soup for the rest of my meals because also cheap.  I will have a post hopefully next week about all of my Home Chef meals.

The Vikings played on Thursday, & since it was the only game, I got to watch it from the comfort of my home.  There was a tiny snafu on trying to figure out how to watch it but Amazon Prime & Firestick to the rescue!  We wound up losing 31-38 but I wasn't even entirely mad.  I'm annoyed for sure.  And I'm really annoyed that we showed up to play against an undefeated team we were predicted to lose against but couldn't bother to show up to play the worst team in the league last weekend...

The boyfriend came over to watch it with me & I made the tacos from my Home Chef box.  Unfortunately while I got a couple of pictures of the prep, I didn't take any of the finished product.  I also made some queso.  In the spirit of keeping it real... there's also a pretty large chance I snapped at him.  Not over tacos or queso of course.  This week felt like it would never end & because it was a late game I was super tired & irritable.  He chose that time to be extra annoying & childish.

And finally some Friday funnies to send you into your weekend:


  1. Cant wait to see the meals you create!! Hope you have a great weekend girl! xo, Biana-BlovedBoston

  2. Have the best weekend and yes the entire year flew by!!

  3. If you could send some of that fall here, I'd appreciate it. High-80s/low 90s all week.. FML.
    Dwight is on point and oh the accuracy of soulja boy and tpain.

  4. I love everything The Office so that meme is awesome. That homemade bread looks soooo good. I want to make pumpkin bread this weekend. Hope you have a good weekend and you get some sleep.

  5. You chef you! Have the sweetest weekend!

  6. Even though I was gone all week, I second the feeling of the longest week ever. I was also severely disappointed when I got off the plane yesterday and it didn't feel like fall. HOWEVER... Salt Lake was SO dry that my body was crying for the humidity, lol. I'm proud of you for making an appointment to see someone. I hope that it is a positive thing for you. <3

  7. That's so nice that one of your parents made you bread! OMG the sharpening pencils meme is so true!