Monday, October 10, 2016

Never A Dull Moment

I subbed a half day on a Friday.  Holy goodness...7th graders are insane!  I only had 3 classes, 2 of 7th & 1 of 8th...each were 45 min.  I was so grateful to have an off period between the 7th grade classes because my goodness!  They're nuts.  Right after teaching I had to drive to my waitressing job.  Pulled another sweet change at red lights & finish in the parking garage move.  I was so happy that I had subbed that day because work was dead.  I was there for 4 hours & had1 table.  Two of the girls didn't wind up with tables at all.  I left with $3 because I had optimistically bought a flatbread at the beginning of my shift thinking I'd make more than enough in tips to tcover it.  Well I made enough to cover it & walk out the door with $3...  Never making that mistake again.

Because of last week's fiasco I decided to not only buy the few groceries I needed on Saturday, I also decided to buy them at Target.  I really needed very few things.  I mostly wanted to use iBotta & Cartwheel...I know spending money to earn money isn't really the way to save money but it's all stuff I either needed now or will use in the near future.  I was hoping I'd get a free Starbucks on Cartwheel.  I didn't.  I did save 15% though.  Work was a hot mess that night.  The upstairs was shut down for 4 hours for a wedding.  I started my night off with a super cool & fun 15 top.  They were so awesome.  It all went down hill after that though.  That 15 top was replaced by a shit show of a 15 top...who tried to move in while my other table was still sitting there...they left me $0 & a couple of them even walked out.  While dealing with that shit show I was also trying to help other tables, & more than I should have been because another server got so stressed out over 1 table that I had to pick up extra tables along with another server who also had a large party.  So I suffered a bit in tips there as well because their service wasn't as good as it could have been.  Kitchen times were also insane because of the large number of large groups.  No one made money that night.  Based on my sales I should have walked out the door with almost $250.  I left with $111.  Also, girls are disgusting.  The bottom picture is what the girls' restroom looked like when I went in to clean it.  I spared you from seeing the rest.

My day actually started off super chill.  I took my time waking up & getting ready, watched the first part of the Vikings game at home, & then headed off to work. It was dead when I got there.  So dead in fact that I was wondering why they hadn't just called me off.  Apparently the guy that had power washed the floors the night before messed them up so we all got the pleasure of mopping the floors to fix the mistakes.  I had a couple of tables & they were supper awesome.  Another shit show of a 15 top came in & went upstairs.  Since their were 3 of us downstairs, and the bartender upstairs was about to be getting a 25 top, the last girl in got sent upstairs since she hadn't had any tables yet.  All started out fine.  They were cool, understood that there may be a bit of a wait due to the size of their party & the fact that there was also a larger party there at the same time.  The other server & I helped run their food upstairs while also waiting on our own tables downstairs.  Before I know it they're upset.  They don't want to pay.  They're threatening their server's job.  They're yelling at the manager.  All of a sudden somehow other people are getting involved.  And then out of nowhere fights start breaking out... one of my tables got involved but only because the fight made it's way around the bar to right by their table... needless to say my table got their meal for free because one of them got assaulted.  The cops were called, & showed up hours later...  Incidence reports were filled out.  By the end of the night I was ready to go home...


  1. Bri, WHAT THE?.....crazy night, what is wrong with people?? Almost makes the 7th graders seem tame, so sorry you had to deal with that crap!

  2. Oh man - so sorry about your Saturday night - even worse that those people would leave without paying! Hope you have a great start to the week!

  3. You might as well get rewards for stuff that you wanted/needed anyway. What I don't understand is people who drive to multiple stores with binders full of coupons. Or they buy something purely because it's on sale or they have a coupon. It's still spending.

  4. Dude, wtf.. is this the new job? Woah.

    I'm that person that only prints out the coupons if it's something I'm already planning on buying. Not something I think I might use or will eventually use. I was wasting a lot that way. I won't even do the eventual use with things that don't expire (toiletries mostly). My sister does and I just can't deal with all the clutter.

    I have been the one to plan my stores around which coupons are from where/where I'll get the best rewards, but that was when I was worked at Target and had more free time to actually plan that adventure. The hassle wasn't necessarily worth the money saved, imo.

  5. If this blog post taught me anything, it's that 7th graders are way more mature than adults at a restaurant.. haha.