Monday, August 15, 2016

New House, New Job, New Chapter

I planned on having a post for Thursday & Friday but that didn't happen because life & internet.  You didn't miss much.  First Thursday was going to be a voxbox review but due to moving & whatnot, not everything has been tried.  So then it was going to be a play by play of my drive from MN to OK, believe me, you missed nothing.  Friday was going to be a typical 5 things that happened during the week.  I'll just tell you.  I spent 2 days driving from MN to TX, I tried the pink drink from Starbucks & am probably the only blogger in America that didn't like it, & I applied for jobs.  Now that we're all caught up there, on with my weekend!

Friday I drove from Dallas to Fort Worth for absolutely no reason.  I had intended to turn in my sub stuff but apparently I can only do it from 8-11 am.  I ate lunch at Panera & hung around Starbucks for a bit.  I almost took a nap in the Starbucks parking lot in my car before I decided that there was no need for me to still be in Fort Worth so I drove back to Dallas.  I intended to nap when I got back but instead I started calling places about waitressing jobs.  I was told by a few places to come in sometime next week because they're always taking applications.  However, one place set up a time for me to come in & interview on Sunday.  That night we had an impromptu beer tasting & game night at Helen & Caleb's where I was staying.

Saturday morning I went & picked up a rental truck so I could get all of my stuff moved into my new place.  Because they're so awesome, Helen & Caleb helped me move everything.  It was hot & exhausting.  That night at their place was fancy dinner.  The theme of this fancy dinner was cravings because of of the people that comes is pregnant.  She's been craving fried avocado.  So for the appetizer we had fried avocado with a tortilla & hatch chile salsa.  The main course was duck with pea risotto & ginger carrot puree.  Dessert was avocado ice cream and churros with coffee-hazelnut chocolate sauce.  As always everything was amazing.  After dinner we played some games.

Sunday morning I got up, returned the truck, & drove back to Fort Worth so that I could get my room unpacked.  I'm going to be real honest, basically nothing is unpacked.  I got my bed set up (but didn't even get the sheets on it,) my table/desk set up, my record player out, & my American flag on the wall.  Otherwise, nothing.  I went to see Mr. Midwest to get my TV back from him, met up with a girl that I almost lived with for lunch (yay new friends,) & had a job interview at a bar/restaurant.  I did a lot of running around.  I also did my grocery shopping for round 2 week 1 of Whole30 (which reminds me I didn't measure myself least I weighed myself...I'll have to dig the tape measure out tomorrow because it's 10:30 at night.)


  1. Hope you get all settled in soon! Best of luck with this new chapter of your life!

  2. Exciting, scary and happy all at the same. You are going to get all settled and thrive and you go girl with the Whole30!!!

    1. Thank you! Day 1: I would like a fruit roll up & a cupcake lol

  3. So many exciting things going on. Good luck getting settled in.

  4. Moving is never easy, but yay for new exciting chapters beginning! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Hoping for good news at the job interview!

  6. i haven't tried the pink drink from starbucks but i probably wouldn't like it either, so don't worry, you're not alone ;)
    hope you get settled in soon :)

  7. Hope youre soon settled girl!! Exciting times!