Monday, June 6, 2016

The Journey Home

Friday was my first official day of summer.  I woke up, watched a little of The Today Show, & then headed off to get a massage.  I hadn't had a massage in well over a year.  What did I learn?  One - I'm tense as all get out.  Two - I need to go way more often because once she got my shoulders worked out, even though I was sore, I felt so much better.  Afterwards I went to my storage unit one last time to put all of my classroom stuff away.  (The teacher before me may have left those globes behind & I may have decided to take them with me... I did leave 2 behind)  When I got back home I took a shower & relaxed while I waited for Mr. Midwest to get home from work and Helen & Caleb to show up.  Once they all arrived the four of us went off to the Rangers game.  We showed up a little late, & left early, but it was still fun none the less.  I had never been to Globe Life Park so I wanted to be able to check another ballpark off my list.  It was also my first game of the season.

Saturday morning Mr. Midwest & I went out to breakfast at Our Place.  When we got back I took a shower & then we relaxed on the couch for a little bit before I started packing up my car.  At 10:15 it was finally time for me to head out.  He had to get to work & I had an 8 hour drive ahead of me.  I was a mess.  I cried.  A lot.  Most of the drive sucked too.  Beyond being sad, I was already not feeling super awesome & I had a massive headache from allergies & crying.  Around 3 I couldn't take it anymore.  I pulled over & slept in a gas station parking lot in Oklahoma for about 30 min.  Once I finally crossed into Kansas a little after 4 (just over 4 hours after I had entered shouldn't take that long btw) my spirits lifted.  I love Oklahoma but I had never been happier to get out of it.  I talked to my cousin for quite awhile driving through Kansas, missed an exit on the Turnpike, & took a scenic back road route back to the freeway.  Right around 8 I finally arrived at my hotel.  I ordered in some dinner because I was way too tired to go out & find a place like I had wanted to, & passed out somewhere around 10. 

I had my alarm set for 8 & had planned on being on the road somewhere between 8:30 & 9.  However, I had a dream (to be blogged about later) that had me wide awake at 6:45.  Breakfast wasn't served until 7 so I laid in bed for about 30 min thinking about the dream & talking to a few people about it.  Eventually I packed up my stuff, brought it out to my car, & then went back in for hotel breakfast.  By 7:45 I was on the road.  My drive was much more enjoyable than it had been the day before.  Not having to say goodbye to Mr. Midwest & not feeling like crap certainly helped.  I was scheduled to be home around 3:30 but between construction, gas/food/bathroom stops, & stopping just short of home to get my dog some treats, it was closer to 4:30 by the time I got home.  My brother came out & we grilled some steaks, drank some beers, & had some fudge that I had bought the day before at Bucees.


  1. You made it safe and sound girlie!! Goodbyes are so hard and so sorry you had to drive through the tears. I do love your weekend travel timeline and happy your brother was there for your homecoming with steaks and a cold one(s) ha ha !! Thinking of you in this new journey cutie pie!!

    1. Thank you! Goodbyes are hard for sure. I'm glad that my friends & family are here though to distract me.

  2. Starting the weekend with a massage is the best - yay for making it home!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. I have never had a massage! I need to get one sometime soon because they sound amazing.

  4. Glad you made it home safe. I think getting a massage before you left was a great idea. I haven't had one in ages and think it is time for me to make an appointment for one.

  5. what? over 1 year since a massage? you should get one monthly!! and no shorter than 90mins :)

  6. Woo hoo for summer break!!!! I've had a couple of massages but it's been awhile since I had one, so I'm thinking I need to schedule one pretty soon ;) Glad you made it home safely! Sometimes you just need to pull over and take a small break. Have a great week! :)

  7. a massage, what a great idea! sorry about the dream though. and goodbyes. goodbyes suck so bad.

  8. I'm so glad you had a massage before you left and made it back safe and sound!