Tuesday, May 10, 2016

State Testing Thoughts

4 hours...I can do this

The silence is kind of nice...why can't kids always be this quiet

Really? 5 minutes in & you need to use the restroom

The clock is my enemy

This wouldn't be so bad if I could read or do work

I should've brought more coffee...rookie mistake

I do not envy these kids...testing sucks

On the flip side they have something to do...I just get to quietly walk around & stare

Why do they get 4 hours for 76 questions...that just means they nap instead of testing

I really should've done my nails this weekend

1 hour down, 3 to go

Yes! Student 1 is done...hopefully the rest follow soon

2 students...this is exactly why 4 hours is unnecessary

So hungry.  Want to eat all my food

All I want to do is check my phone

Why do people only wanna talk to me when I can't check my phone

Break time!  Gonna get some break room cake!

Yikes!  They're all finishing at once!

2.5 more hours & only 10 kids still have tests...hurry you 10!

Maybe 1 of these girls will do my hair at the end

On we're halfway theeerrrreee!

2 more hours & only 5 tests left

2 hours & 2 tests...you just know there's gonna be that 1 kid that milks it to the end

Child identified..still has 1/3 of the test left

I just want to color & have someone play with my hair

Adulting is overrated

Why the hell is Jingle Bells stuck in my head?? it's only May!

The children are getting antsy...I can feel mutiny about to occur

1.5 hours left and all the kids are done

Oh good...someone volunteered to do my hair

Is it lunch time yet

Finally!  Time to go...now I just get to do this for the next 2 days...

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  1. HAHAHA I loved this! SO funny! I swear people only text or call you when they know you can't answer the phone! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes