Friday, May 27, 2016

Final Friday of the School Year

I am so over moving.  I'm still not done...shocker...  I wanted everything to be done on Monday but that didn't happen.  So on Saturday I will be finishing up all of my packing & then cleaning the apartment.  Honestly, I was kind of trying to avoid being there at the same time as my roommate(s).  Whatever.  Mr. Midwest may be going to the lake with some friends that day so I'll just head up there early, get the rest packed up (which really isn't much...there is no real reason I shouldn't be done,) put it in storage, & then come back & clean.  Maybe if I do it early enough I'll have to spend minimal time there with the soon to be ex-roommates.

I was trying so hard to hold out on painting my nails again.  I even went as far as packing up all of my nail polishes & remover.  Well, my nails chipped so bad that with me having a bad nail biting habit & being stressed I knew I needed to get them painted.  Luckily Mr. Midwest is awesome most of the time so after going to Home Depot to find an air filter he humored me by taking me to Target so I could get some nail polish & nail polish remover.  I am in love with this color.  I don't know how I don't already have one similar.  I was thinking of going with something like this when I get them professionally done but I think I'm going to put a color like this on my toes instead. (The shade is Tempest FYI)

I used to buy magazines all the flippin time in college.  Then towards the end of college I decided I needed to call it quits because $$.  I almost never buy them anymore, & I mean it's probably been a few years since I last bought one.  However, in college I was a Hills addict.  We used to have watching "parties" at our apartment.  My girlfriends & I would all get together at our apartment with junk food & alcohol to watch it.  So naturally anything Hills related grabs my attention. (The same is true for Teen Mom/Teen Mom 2 related stuff)  With it being the 10 year anniversary of The Hills & all I had to buy the magazine.  My friend sent us this little gem of a video in our group text which is a mash-up of LC crying on The Hills.

With the school year coming to a close, (4 staff days including today) the social studies department decided to take advantage of the block schedule for finals & take our conference period to Ginger Browns for brunch.  We have such an awesome group in the social studies department.  We all get along so well & have a great time together.  We spend our conference periods & lunches just shootin the shit.  As of this moment in time 4 out of the 5 of us are for sure not returning & the 5th has an interview elsewhere today.  I am going to miss all of them so much.  While we all got super close this year, the chances of us all ever hanging out once this school year ends isn't very likely.  There is a big part of me that would like to think that at least the 3 of us that are the closest would get together at least once or twice but with families, different jobs in different cities, and living in different cities (although all within an hour of each other) there's a chance this is it.  3 of the other ones are out today, I'm out Tuesday, so really Wednesday & Thursday are it.  At least those 2 days are pretty much student free so we have more freedom to chill.

Apparently Mr. Midwest had a hole burning in his pocket because the second he walked through the door he asked "want to go test drive some trucks?"  Umm you don't have to ask me twice.  So we get in the car, start to head to the dealership, he changes his mind when I show him a Facebook photo of an office wall that says armory & is filled with nerf guns & water guns.  So instead it was off to Toys R Us.  He bought this bad boy.  He also bought another one so that I could defend myself.  How nice of him haha.  I was so tired that I passed out while he was trying to put it together but I was woken up by being shot in the butt.  Unfortunately for him I get home first so I'll be waiting at the door to shoot him....or maybe I'll just sniper him from the balcony...


  1. That nail polish color is perfect for summer. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. I'm obsessed with the Hills and definitely read that whole interview! I buy my magazines through Groupon -- a whole year is only like $12!

  3. haha fun little nerf game you have going on. You definitely need to get him back. ;-)

  4. oh that nail polish is so pretty! i used to be obsessed with magazines when i was younger as well, and i would buy them every week or month depending on the magazine. they really do add up fast, i had to quit cold turkey lol

  5. Love the polish color and I am a sucker for any kind of brunch. Yum... that looks amazing! Have a great weekend!

  6. I used to own the automatic belt fed nerf gun and sold it on craigslist because it was too big to be in my house anymore. It won so many nerf battles when I was in the Navy. Officers always wanted to be funny and then I'd sling out my big ass gun and they'd just tuck their little pistols away and about-face out of my office. #likeaboss.

    Also, your head looks comically large in that first pic. It made me laugh.