Wednesday, May 4, 2016

April Showers Bring May Confessions

**State testing 3/5 days means I'm showing movies 5/5 days.  And by movies I mean we're watching Ferngully, Lion King or Jungle Book, & Nemo**

**This is my last month in my apartment & I'm ecstatic!**

**It took until this past weekend to finally watch the second half of the TWD season 6**

**There are only 15 more days of actual instruction left & I couldn't be happier**

**I ever so desperately want the Blues to beat the Stars in the playoffs**


  1. I loved watching movies at school towards the end of the year!!! I mean you are basically checked out with spring fever at that point anyway :) Go Blues!

  2. I was always so excited when we got to watch movies at school ha ha!