Monday, September 23, 2013

This Weekend I...

This Weekend I...
-Went to Bdubs for happy hour with my awesome co-worker friends.
-Went out two-steppin with a couple girlfriends.
-Heard from Mr. Fireman 3 days after I asked him a question (I realize I haven't told the story...but the story isn't over & I'm sick of telling it...)
This Weekend I...
-Laid around not feeling well for the first part of the day
-Went out with a couple friends for late night Chili's & some chill bar time.
This Weekend I...
-Went to brunch with some friends.
-Bought a new dress (what I need is real clothes)
-Made some whole wheat chicken roll-up lasagna
-Heard from Mr. Fireman again...on his own talk football briefly

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  1. Oh no....I don't like this three day thing! I'm sorry whatever the story is!