Friday, February 9, 2018

Friday Five #5

1. I paid off 2 our of 3 of my credit cards
I got my tax refund on Tuesday & I used the bill paying portion of it to pay off 2 of my credit cards & put an extra payment on my remaining card.  I am so happy to finally be done with those 2.  The fact that I am not using my big credit card anymore, or any of them for that matter, means that my last one should start disappearing at a quicker rate as well since I'll be applying the payments I was making on the other 2, to my final one.  #DebtFreeJourney

2. I'm getting out of town for the weekend
I need a break.  This past month at work as been the closest I have come to wanting to quit.  I still don't even hate my job, it's just been extra stressful since second semester started.  However, tomorrow morning I'll be heading to San Antonio to see my friend Robyn so we can have our annual San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo date.  This year we will be seeing Kip Moore, who is actually who we saw our first time there.  Nash will be coming with me to San Antonio which should be interesting...  Bringing him to other people's houses, especially when they have their own pets, stresses me out a little bit...

3. Using Wag/Rover on long work days

4. Amazon Prime
This week alone I've had dog food, 2 different organizers, & new charging cords for my fitbit & cell phone delivered to me.  2 day shipping is seriously the best... especially since 6:30 is the earliest I've gotten home all week...

5.  I finally broke 2300 on Instagram
One of my fall goals was to have 2000 followers on Instagram.  At some point in November I hit that goal & then by the end of the month had 2077 followers (thanks monthly recaps).  At the time I was aiming to grow by 50 followers a week, & was doing at least that if not more some weeks.  That means I should have broke 2300 back in January & would be at about 2500 by the end of this week.  At some point though my growth massively slowed down & I've been stuck in the 2200s for I don't know how long.  I FINALLY broke out of that.  Now fingers crossed the growth keeps going!


  1. Have a blast in San Antonio!! Be safe and love ya!

  2. Way to go on the credit cards and instagram followers! What's your secret?? :) I'm glad you're going to sneak out of town for the weekend. You definitely deserve it and it sounds like it will be a much needed break! Gotta do it when you can because of athletics! ;)

  3. yay for paying off debt! it sucks but must be done and once that's no longer over your head, it feels SO good.

  4. That is awesome news about your credit cards!! Great job!

  5. HOORAY for paying off two out of three credit cards!!! What a huge accomplishment, girl!!