Friday, June 2, 2017

School's Out For Summer 2017

It's Friday!  And June!  And my last day of work for the summer!  All the good feels!!  Normally I feel like short weeks drag on longer than full weeks but this one flew by!  I hope that y'all had great weeks & have even better weekends!  Linking up with Miss Amanda!

What I Was Up To
Monday I was still off of work because of Memorial Day.  I went on a little road trip with a friend to Oklahoma.  You can read more about it in detail below on my weekend recap that got pushed back to Tuesday.

ON THE BLOG: I posted pictures from the Dallas Fort Worth National Cemetery in honor of Memorial Day.

Tuesday it was back to work.  It was my final day with my A day kids.  They took their final & then each class finished up a different movie that they had chosen to watch on Netflix.  My 2nd class of the day had come up with the idea of a potluck so they also got to enjoy some food while watching the movie.  I left my last class 20 minutes early so I could drive an hour for an interview for a new teaching position.  I won't know until next week if I got it or not.  Please cross your fingers & say some prayers that I get the job!  That night I had a first date with Mr. OF.  We met for tacos at Torchy's and then went to Bar Louie for drinks.  The same Bar Louie that I quit without notice back in October.  I saw one of my favorite former coworkers there but everyone else was new to me.  I had a lot of fun on the date.  We had a lot in common & just had a good time in general.

ON THE BLOG: I recapped my long weekend full of adventure.

Wednesday was my B day kids review day.  Which really just meant that we watched movies.  There were a few kids that still had to work on their reviews but most of them had already turned them in to me.  After work I met with Mr. OF for about an hour or so just to hang out.  He had to leave that night for 2 weeks for work so we agreed that we wanted to see each other for even a little bit before he had to go.  Now comes the "will we or won't we keep talking now that he's gone for 2 weeks"  I'm just going with it.  I plan on putting in effort but not forcing it...and not if he isn't also putting effort in.  If we do keep talking while he's gone I'd love to see him again when he's back.  If not, then nope!  Because I will not do a talk/see each other while you're home but act the other other doesn't exist when you're not.  I was supposed to hang out with my friend Katherine after that but other things came up so I laid by my pool for a bit & then just watched One Tree Hill.

Thursday was the last day of school for students!  It was a little bittersweet.  I am so ready for summer, & to see what's next for me in life.  But at the same time, even though my B day kids & I struggled a lot with each other sometimes, especially my last class, I'm going to miss not seeing any of them next year.  When I got home I opened up a $3 bottle of wine that I had bought specifically to be drank when I got home on the last day of school.  Other than that my entire night was spent setting up a Facebook page for my FoodFunFortWorth Instagram page.  I was supposed to have a date but we stopped talking after half ass setting something up & then after my date with Mr. OF I decided to not pursue it, or anyone else, until I see how this plays out.  Plus I'm leaving for Colorado on Monday  for a week so no need to really look until I'm back.  So if while you're crossing your fingers & saying your prayers about my job, if you could add in good vibes for things with Mr. OF I wouldn't be upset...

ON THE BLOG I shared my goals for the summer

Things That Made Me Laugh

Moments I'm Grateful For
26 - Happy hour with old co-workers
27 - First time floating the river ever
28 - Visiting the Dallas-Fort Worth National Cemetery
29 - Mini Oklahoma road trip
30 - First date with Mr. OF
31 - First day by the pool of the summer
1 - Last day of school 


  1. Ok, don't laugh but I still do the hand thing with my teen boys..2 close to 20!!! LOL!! I loved that you popped open you $3 bottle of wine and I toast to your last day girl, bring on summer!!

    1. Haha I'm almost 30 & my mama still does it to me. I don't even have kids but just from her doing it to me my whole life I do it to any friend...or inanimate object...sitting in my front seat LOL.

  2. That "set them free" meme is cracking me up!
    Hooray for the last day of school! In NY, we have 3 weeks left!
    Fingers crossed you get the new job and that things continue to go well with the new guy!

    1. Thank you!! I really really want the job! Ha I'd like the guy too but mama's gotta get paid! Yikes! When do y'all start school??

    2. We start right after Labor Day

  3. Yay for wine celebrations! :) Happy official summer, lady!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  4. I hope the job interview pans out! And YAY for a good date for a change! That's exciting!!

    1. Thank you! I really want that job! Fingers crossed for good news this week. So good date guy up and ghosted me on like Thursday/Friday. For someone who was oh so concerned with whether or not I would keep talking to him/still be around while he was gone for 2 weeks, he's the one that up & stopped texting me.

  5. Set them free again... I'm dying over here.