Thursday, May 11, 2017

Three On Thursday

I'm taking a page out of Steph's blog & sharing 3 things I'm loving right now!

I am in love with this water bottle.  I used to have a Brita water bottle that wasn't hard sided.  I used it all the time.  Quite frankly I could not tell you what happened to that water bottle.  It's very possible that I lost it in one of my many moves.  The last couple of places that I lived I had no problems with the tap water.  The place that I moved to mid-February however, hated the water.  Could not stand it.  So for about 2 months I was buying water bottles constantly from the grocery store.  Finally about a month ago I bought a new Brita water bottle & haven't looked back since.  Not only has it helped me save money and waste, I also drink a lot more water.

If I don't have my nails painted I will bite them.  It's not a question, it's a fact.  Bare nails = short, bitten nails.  I don't always have time or money to get my nails done, & actually after last summer I went on a long professional manicure hiatus because they were so damaged.  That brings us to Sinful Color nail polish.  While I love Essie, it's expensive.  Sinful Colors are under $2 a bottle.  That means I can buy a lot more colors so I don't get bored.  The nail polish lasts really well too.  Unlike other cheap polishes that I've used in the past, it doesn't seem to chip.  I don't usually use a base coat or top coat either, it's just the polish.

I. Am. Obsessed.  This is my new favorite drink.  When I can't get the salted caramel I normally just get mint mocha.  This is that but 100x better.  It reminds me of a drinkable Thin Mint cookie.  Happy hour is going on through the 14th so you still have a few days to get them half price!

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  1. Welcome to the Three on Thursday crowd :D
    I have the same water bottle! I have it at work because the water here tastes like bubbles to me. Or too much chlorine? I can't decide which, but it's super gross if I don't filter it. That bottle has been a lifesaver.

  2. i love essie colours but they always peel and i just hate them on my nails, so i am with you on sinful colours - when i actually paint my nails that is lol.

  3. One of my coworkers got the midnight frapp yesterday and he said he loved it. Now I want to try it!

  4. For the price, sinful makes an awesome polish!!!! And I'm with you on the midnight mint mocha train! So good!!!

  5. OOH I saw the Midnight Mocha frap on the menu at Starbucks this week and was intrigued. A "drinkable Thin Mint" is certainly a ringing endorsement!

    1. Girl it is so good! I meant to get another 1 or 2 this weekend while happy hour was still going on but my allergies had other plans for me. It's definitely still worth it though at full price!