Friday, April 28, 2017

Goodbye April

Was it just me or did this week take for-ev-er??  I am so happy that today is Friday & that as of right now I have 0 plans for the weekend.  I hope that y'all have a fabulous Friday & a wonderful weekend.  (Alliteration not intended but I do love it...)  Linking up with Miss Amanda!

What I Was Up To
Monday I was exhausted.  I had been up way too late the night before.  Especially considering how late I had been up Saturday night as well.  I skipped my lunch so that I could nap on my classroom floor instead.  I needed groceries but knew that I'd be far too tired to go to the store after work.  So, I used Instacart to have my groceries delivered.  They arrived around 5 just like they were supposed to.  However, they were someone else's groceries.  So I went online & made a complaint.  But not knowing how long that'd take I finally found a phone number to call in hopes that they could get a hold of the driver.  They couldn't.  So they had my groceries resent & when I asked what I was supposed to do with the other groceries I was told to keep them.  Score!  But then I got an email from my online complaint...I also got a refund for the groceries they resent.  Double score!  So not only did I get my original groceries for free, I got additional groceries for free as well.  I did some meal prep, watched some Scandal, & called it a night.

THE BLOG: I recapped my weekend of random shenanigans all around DFW

Tuesday was absolutely dull.  Which actually seems to be my weekdays lately.  Is it summer yet?  How dull you ask?  Well so dull that I can't even recall what I did.  I assume it went something like this: wake up, go to work, be surrounded by freshmen all day, watch Scandal on my conference period & my extra hour, go home, watch more Scandal, go to bed.  Yeah that probably sums it up...

THE BLOG: I checked in with my 29 by 29 goals

Wednesday I came home to a new dishwasher!!  I finally have a new dishwasher.  The one that was in my apartment when I moved in had a soap dispenser that would not open.  I kept washing dishes by hand because it's just me so whatever but then decided to put in a work order when I also had something else that needed to be fixed.  Well the guy told me that I'd need a new one, that the one I had was just too old.  Well sometime yesterday while I was at work it arrived & was all set up for me.  It's so pretty.  It also looks about 10-20 years newer than any of the other appliances in my apartment.  Maybe next I can get a new washer & dryer??  

Wednesday was also my last day of having to stay until 4 to make up for our cancelled school day.  I planned on being semi productive when I got home from work but apparently my lack of sleep over the weekend, & poor sleeping Monday & Tuesday night, caught up with me.  I was on the couch watching Scandal & paused an episode part way through because I could feel my eyes getting heavy.  I planned on sleeping for an hour & then getting up.  Well my alarm went off but I was so tired I just shut it off & went back to sleep.  At some point I decided to move to my bed, & I did briefly text a few people or play on my phone a couple of times, but I pretty much slept from around 6 pm until 5 am.  Hopefully I'm all caught up now!

THE BLOG I tracked my spending for my first ever spending freeze

Thursday I finally got my last observation.  Although, I'm almost 100% I'm not returning next year but that's a different story for another time.  It was also my last day of real teaching for a week.  State testing is next week & I won't see my B day kids again until next Friday so it'll be movies & testing until next Thursday.  A girl in one of my classes, one of the nicest, quietest students I have, who hardly ever says a word, looks me dead in the eye & says "Hey Miss how about that game last night?"  I just started laughing.  How do you not laugh when out of nowhere the quiet kid starts to roast you about her baseball team beating yours??  

It was also my last face to face grad class until at least next spring!!  I am so happy.  Not only is it one less thing on my plate, it also means the school year is that much closer to being done!  My friend Katherine & I went out afterwards for margaritas & Mexican food.  It wasn't even super later when I got home, maybe 9, but I was so exhausted despite having caught up on sleep the night before that it was right to bed!

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Things I Loved Online
Pinky's post on "When the Bad Self Takes Over the Brain"

Things That Made Me Laugh

Moments I'm Grateful For
21 - Wine & Scandal
22 - Making new friends
23 - Overdue shenanigans w/a friend
24 - Free groceries
25 - The Twins beat the Rangers = I won a bet
26 - New dishwasher
27 - Last face to face grad class until at least next spring!

Miles I Walked
21 - 1.69
22 - 2.17
23 - 4.5
24 - 0.96
25 - 1.27
26 - 0.89
27 - 1.77
Total - 13.25


  1. All those "older" memes are 100% about me. Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Free groceries, that is awesome! Glad you got caught up on your sleep and the school year is almost over, have a great weekend!

    1. I was so excited! Just ordered my groceries to be delivered tomorrow to use my credit from the last one! Have a great weekend!

  3. Yes to free food, lol and to your last face to face class!! Have A relaxing weekend and I hope it's full of your favorite things pretty girl!

    1. Can't beat free! I'm thinking some wine, NFL draft, & grading! Have a great weekend lady!

  4. Yay to a new dishwasher! How wonderful! Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. God I'm dyyyyyying at some of those images.. especially the "through God all things are possible."
    And fuck yah for free shit.

  6. I always have to stop myself from stealing really good restaurant pens. Instacart seems to have great customer service - how awesome! Hope it was food you actually want to eat!

  7. A new dishwasher so exciting!! We need to get one of those but they're so expensive! :( Ours is SO LOUD. We can't even run it when we are home! That's crazy about Instacart. Did the person whose groceries you accidentally got order anything good?

  8. Those memes all cracked me up, especially the Always Sunny one because I would totally say that, haha. And 10 AT NIGHT?! Just no. Hooray for free groceries, refunds, and not having to go to the grocery store!!! (I'm not sure which of those things is most exciting, haha)

    1. Haha not having to adult yourself is awesome! Especially when you don't have to pay full price for it!