Thursday, April 6, 2017

A Day In My Life As Bri

I haven't done a day in my life post in forever!  I had been thinking about it but then wouldn't remember until part way into the day.  Today I was actually going to do a full blown recap of the Big Texas Beer Fest but seeing as I took 1 beer pic, 1 food pic, & 1 pic of myself...and don't remember what all I drank, that would make that kind of hard.  So, after seeing a few different people (Laura & Claire) do posts about their days I figured it was time to do my own again.  This was my day on Tuesday...

Hour 1
5:00 am my alarm goes off.  I slept like shit the night before so I debate setting my alarm again for 5:30 like I used to.  I "compromise" & make it 5:05.

5:05 am my alarm goes off yet again.  About a week ago I decided that I should start waking up at 5 instead of 5:30 so that I can have more time to wake up in the morning, also so that I can have time to actually read blogs.  So I get up, go take my vitamins (that are gummies because I may be an adult but not so adult that I don't still love me some gummies damn it), make some coffee, & sit down with my laptop to read some posts.

5:23 am I'm done reading blogs because it's a Tuesday & they just aren't as popular as say a Monday or a Friday so there's only a couple already posted for the day.  I then think to myself "so I could've reset my alarm for 5:30 instead & still been fine... instead I start working on this post & a couple others for the week as well as playing & posting on Instagram.

5:56 am I finally decide to get off the couch & put on some real clothes for work.  By real clothes I mean jeans & a Minnesota Twins shirt because this week I'm lucky enough to get to wear jeans every day because it's opening week of baseball.  (Let's just hope I don't get attacked at work by any co-workers or students since I do work in Texas Rangers territory...)

Hour 2
6:10 am I'm all dressed, my lunch is packed, & I'm ready to go.  I normally try to be out the door by 6:15 but because on this particular day I'm in a "screw everything" type of mood I sit back down on the couch to respond to an email & see if any more blogs have gone live on Bloglovin since I won't have access at work.  (There are 2!)

6:17 am I finally resign to the fact that I do need to go to work so I power off my computer, grab my stuff, & make my way out the door.

6:50 am I pull up to work & slowly stroll in, read all of my unread messages, send one of my Cowboys fan friends back home the latest ESPN alert that Romo is calling it quits, & then silently pray my kids are good today so I can get grad school work done since the previous night was a shit show & not much got accomplished.

Hour 3
7:05 am Against my better judgement I unlock & open my classroom door.  I don't normally do that until 7:15 when the bell rings for them to be able to go to class but my room was humid & stuffy.  Plus, my A day kids don't bother me near as much as my B day kids so I was willing to potentially sacrifice some quiet alone time.

7:10 am A girl came into my classroom to hang out.  This is why I keep my door locked.  Just kidding.  Kind of.  I like the girl so it's whatever.

7:25 am My favorite class starts & we watch CNN Student News for 10 minutes so that I can have 10 minutes of peace & quiet, can get attendance done, & my kids can stay in touch with what's going on in the world.

7:40 am I pass out their work, explain what we're doing for the day, & remind them about their major grade assignment that is due at the end of the week.

7:49 am I get a tardy student all set up with the work & instructions that he missed & then go back to doing my thing.

Hour 4
8:18 am I started the daily email thread I have going with my friend Bridgette.  She's no longer a teacher but we graduated college together & we started teaching the same year so for the past 5 years we've pretty much spent every work day emailing each other off & on most of the day.

8:23 am I've run out of coffee... Lord help me.

8:33 am I finally open my Google Doc for my case study & get back to work on it.

8:54 am The bell rings for the first class to end because for some reason it rings a minute early.

Hour 5
9:00 am The bell rings to signal the start of my 2nd period.  Lather. Rinse. Repeat with the student news, assignment instructions, emailing, & grad school work.

Hour 6
10:30 am Announcements begin & the bell for advisory rings.  About half my class leaves & the remaining kids just play on their phones or catch up on work.

10:38 am I'm sitting at my desk talking to my cousin Becky & friend Bridgette trying not to cry because of non-school/friend related stuff.

10:50 am The bell rings for lunch

10:51 am I completely lose my shit & start crying at my desk.

10:53 am Rather than try to put on a happy face I locked my door & decide to eat in my room & work on my case study for grad school.

10:57 am I realize that I have to go to the teacher's lounge to heat up some of my food anyway so I put my big girl panties on, dry my eyes, & go be with the rest of civilization.

Hour 7
11:40 am Lunch is over.  It's probably my least favorite bell of the day.

11:42 am We all finally leave the teacher's lounge & make our way back to our classes.

11:45 am My 3rd & final class of the day starts.  Lather. Rinse. Repeat from my first two classes.

Hour 8
12:03 pm I take a break from my case study & disconnect my phone from the school wi-fi so I can check Bloglovin to see if there are any new blog posts since I checked this morning.  2 more!

12:46 pm A student from a different class period came to visit during her lunch period.

12:57 pm Two other students from different class periods stopped in during their lunch to say hi.

Hour 9
1:01 pm Yet another student stops in to say hi during his lunch.

1:03 pm And in walks another... what can I say... they love me

1:20 pm The bell rings for my final class of the day to end & my conference period starts.

1:29 pm I struggle with swapping my glasses for my contacts for a solid 3 minutes because as of late my right eye/contact hates me.  I go through far my right contacts than I do left ones for no real reason.

1:34 pm I take my contacts right back out & resign to the fact that I won't be able to wear my sunglasses when I drive home.  At least my eyes won't be driving me crazy the entire drive.

1:35 pm I power down my work computer & pack up to go home because it's my conference period, I need to work on my paper, & I'm so over this day/week that I just want to be at home.

Hour 10
2:11 pm I get home from work, kick off my shoes, & drop my stuff on the floor

2:17 pm I grab the remainder of a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos & inhale it on my patio while playing a game on my phone

2:33 pm I grab a bottle of water, throw on some flip flops, take out the trash, & then head down to the lake behind my apartment so I can get some more steps/distance in for my 30 miles in 30 days challenge.

2:53 pm I get back from my walk, throw on some comfy clothes, debate turning on the AC but remember I'm cheap & don't get free electric until 8 so I just deal.  I grab my laptop & start the case study once again.

Rather than bore you with the fact that I spent the rest night going back & forth between actually working on my case study & getting distracted by anything and & everything else, I'll leave it there.


  1. I like these posts, I need to do one again. I love how your students want to come by and visit...another reason that they should give you the permanent job! :) And I understand those annoyances with eyes/contacts. Sometimes glasses are easier. I'm too scared of laser surgery.

  2. First, re: not rememebring what you drank, are you on Untappd? It's an app where you can track and rate beer! I have a hard time remembering as well, which is why I got it, and it came in so handy at my last beer festival!

    I'm so jealous that you're done and home by 2! And free electric after 8pm?! What! That's crazy. It's awesome that the students stop by just to say hi- marks of a pretty great teacher!

  3. I like this format of Day in the Life! I keep meaning to make a post like this because I know this is a period of time I'll want to remember but I generally remember to take one photo at the beginning of the day and that is all. Thanks for the inspiration and motivation!

  4. I always like reading these posts. I take gummy vitamins too!!! I even had prenatal gummies when I was pregnant. I wish my work day was over at 2!!!! I leave work at 530-600 and in the fall and winter it's dark :(

  5. I love me a "Day in the Life" post because I'm nosy haha. I have gummy vitamins too and wish all of my medication could come in a gummy format. And lord, your day sounds exhausting. So many kids, so many classes!

    1. LOL I love them for the same reason. I agree, all pills should come in gummy form. The nice thing about block schedule is I only have about 65-75 kids a day instead of 130-150. The downside is I see those kids for 90 minutes at a time instead of 50.

  6. That's so impressive that you documented your day (down to the minute!) as a teacher. I never could remember any of that when I was in the classroom so it would have looked like this: "From 8:07-3:15 I answered students' questions, graded homework, told student A she couldn't go to the bathroom again, submitted attendance, told student B to stay seated and quit bothering others, replied to emails, told student C not to talk during a test, answered my phone, told student D she couldn't go to her locker, called parents, explained to student E that he should have brought it to class with him, and chatted with coworkers 😆