Monday, January 16, 2017

Drinking, Diners, Ditching Dates, & Dallas

How's that for alliteration ha.

I'm actually still on the weekend.  #TeacherLife.  That means I can finally read & comment on blogs in the morning instead of waiting until my conference period at the end of the day or when I get home from work.  To all my fellow teachers: I hope you're enjoying your extended weekend.  To all y'all that are back at work today: I hope you had a great weekend & that Monday treats you right.

After work I headed home so that I could grab a change of clothes pack an entire duffel bag full of outfits & then made my way to Dallas.  Traffic already makes me stabby.  Rush hour traffic between Fort Worth & Dallas makes me even stabbier.  Before showing up at my friends' house I made a pit stop for a bottle of wine & one of the most random assortments of food for my supper (a little bag of Cool Ranch Doritos, a fried chicken thigh, & a little salami & cheese tray.)  While waiting for Helen & Erin to get home from a game, Caleb & I watched part of The Mick.  Once the girls got back we started getting ready.  

Our first stop was Ben & Jackie's to pregame, drop Caleb off, & pick Jackie up.  Trying to prove a point, the point that we're not old, we waited until 11 to head to the bars.  We took an Uber to Deep Ellum so that we could check out Truth & Alibi.  The concept behind the bar is really cool.  It has a candy shop store front & then you give them a password at the door & then you go through another door into a bar.  We danced & sang to 90s & early 2000s rap & hip-hop for a couple of hours & then grabbed ourselves another Uber to the Knox-Henderson area of Dallas so we could go to The DRAM.  My biggest pet peeve about this place was the bartender.  He was awful.  I wound up leaving a review on Yelp complaining about him.  We didn't last there too long before it was agreed that it was time for food.  Ben & Caleb wanted Waffle House so we took yet another Uber to meet them there.  I'm not even gonna lie, Waffle House was the best part of the night.  Not that the rest of the night was bad, I just love late night breakfast food that much.  It was after 3 am when we got back to Helen & Caleb's where I immediately found my way to their comfy couch for bed.

Helen being the awesome person that she is made breakfast & coffee in the morning.  At about noon I got my act together & drove back to Fort Worth.  I was supposed to have a date in Dallas at 1:30 but the more we talked, the less into it I was so I wound up cancelling on him.  Instead, went to Brewed to get myself some coffee & then found myself on the couch the entire day.  The day got away from me so fast.  I was supposed to have another date that night in the Stockyards, but for the exact same reason as day date guy I cancelled.  (I'll have a post sometime in the future about dating & go more into exactly why I wasn't into it.)  Instead of that date I watched like 3 different movies on TV before falling asleep on the couch.

I planned on being so productive on Sunday.  I was going to go donate blood, I was going to go grocery shopping, I was going to meal prep...I did not.  I cancelled my donation appointment & moved it to a couple of weeks from now since I just got over being sick & then can also start taking my iron supplement.  I get turned away a fair amount & when I do it's always because my iron is too low by ONE stinkin point.  

I did go grocery shopping & hated life almost the entire time.  I waited until just before the Cowboys/Packers game was supposed to start in hopes that everyone would be watching the game.  Wrong.  Once I managed to escape the store & get back home I put the groceries away & that's where productivity ended.  I watched the Packers beat out the Cowboys in one of the most intense second halves of a football game I've seen in a really long time & then got to see the Wild come from behind to beat the Blackhawks 3-2.  I was very pleased with the outcome of both games.  Sorry Cowboys fans.  There was a part of me that was torn going into the game but at the end of the day I am a fan of Aaron Rodgers, & Jordy Nelson even though he didn't get to play.  

An insane storm came through, I'm talking thunder, lightning, heavy rain, & tornado sightings.  I can only assume that this was Texas throwing a fit over both a Cowboys & Texans loss.  The rest of the night was spent watching TV just trying to stay up later than my roommate so I could sleep on the couch...again.  For real sometimes I just love sleeping on the couch.  Especially gigantic, comfy couches.  Why did I have to stay up later than my roommate to do so you ask?  Well because it's his house, his couch, & he's somewhat passive aggressive & condescending.  26 days until I move!  I will miss the couch though...


  1. First of all, love the title of this post!! So sorry it was a yucky weekend!! May today bring you joy, peace and relaxation, today can be your good Sunday!! ;-)

    1. Thank you! Alliteration makes me happy lol. I hope you have a great day!

  2. Haha, I hope that you got a good couch sleep and enjoy your day off!

  3. Leaving for bars at 11?! I'm exhausted just reading that! You guys are definitely still young haha!

    1. Haha it was a struggle getting to that point believe me. My normal bedtime is between 9-10.

  4. Lucky you for getting today off! Lol You sound like me trying to stay awake the latest so I can sleep on the couch!

  5. I hope you enjoyed your day off - sometimes you're just not into the dates and that's totally okay! Can't wait to hear more about it! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston