Thursday, January 12, 2017

10 Hashtags You Should Be Using On Instagram

About a month ago I got turned down for a teaching job & decided right then & there to sign up for Helene's Instagram For Success Course.  I spent a weekend watching the videos & decided to start putting a couple of the items into effect.  Less than a week later I was offered a different full time position at the same high school that had previously turned me down.  With that in mind, I knew I'd be taking the steps slowly.  I still want to go back & watch the videos over again & decide what I want to do next as far as which tips to focus on.

For the past month the only part of Helene's course that I've been following is the portion on hashtags.  However, that portion alone has helped my account immensely.  I can only imagine just how much more growth I will see once I start adding in the other aspects as well.

So what kind of results am I talking about here?

In one month on hashtags alone I have seen:

My likes grow by 270%
My comments grw by 515%
My followers have almost doubled

Here are 10 hashtags that I love, including a few by awesome bloggers that you should also be following:

1. #mylifeas - Yours Truly
2. #notentirelyperfect - Stephanie @ Not Entirely Perfect
3. #photosinbetween - Helene @ Helene In Between
4. #pursuepretty
5. #flashesofdelight
6. #theeverygirl
7. #thehappynow
8. #abmhappylife
9. #myunicornlife
10. #livecolorfully


  1. Aw thank you for including mine :) I love to see everyone's photos under it!

  2. Those are all great hashtags! I'm actually launching a hashtag in February and am so excited about it. :)