Tuesday, October 11, 2016

4.5 years & 5 Addresses

I'm not entirely sure why I'm doing this post other than I said I would.  Back in the middle of August I moved into this house.  It would have made most sense to do a tour of the place then except that up until a few days ago I still had boxes in my room full of stuff that I had nowhere to put.  Now that that stuff is in storage I can show you the place.  

As to why I'm not sure why I'm doing this?  I'm moving again in 4 months.  And why am I moving 6 months after moving in?  I'm currently renting a room in a house.  It's me, the guy who owns the house, and another guy who rents a different bedroom.  The fact that I had unpacked boxes in my room for a month & a half because I had nowhere to put that stuff is one of the reasons I'm moving.  Splitting space (fridge included) with 2 other people is difficult.  I miss living alone.  None of us hang out, we hardly talk actually, so I might as well have my very own place anyway.  Location is a big one.  I am so far away from EVERYTHING.  My new place is pretty central to everything. So, in a few months expect another home tour.  But until then, here is where I currently live:

My room

Upstairs bathroom

Upstairs living room

Downstairs living room

Downstairs bathroom

Dining room



Front yard


  1. That house is really pretty! I like it!

  2. I totally get wanting your own space if you aren't really hanging out with each other and you live further out than you want to be. Good luck with the move!

  3. I hope the move goes well! Husband and I have moved three times since October 2015, for different reasons. I am ready to settle down somewhere for at least three years.

  4. Hope the move goes well. It is hard sharing space with others. I would too prefer to live alone.