Tuesday, October 25, 2016

28 by 28 Check In

Two days ago I turned 28.  I already shared with you my 29 by 29 list, & today I'm here to show you how I did on my 28 by 28 list.

1. Get into grad school PASS

2. Be in a real relationship FAIL

3. Visit a new state FAIL

4. Have my smallest loan paid off: PASS

5. Attend 9 concerts: PASS

6. Try 24 new restaurants/bars: PASS

7. Cut my credit card debt down by 1/3: FAIL

8. Go 1 month without using a credit card: PASS

9. Run a 5k FAIL

10. Read 15 books FAIL

11. Get another tattoo PASS

Technically I didn't have it before I turned 28...but I made the appointment before I turned 28 & I'm getting it today so...

12. Get back down to 150-155 & maintain it PASS

13. Have $1000 in savings PASS

14. Stick to my new 1-48-5 rule when it comes to dating PASS

15. Get my CDL FAIL
But that's because I didn't really want to get it.  I was supposed to get it as a coach but I never finished it & now that I'm not coaching there's no point.

16. Get my CHL FAIL

I could have easily done it.  I took the class a couple of years ago & had until this past September to turn in the paperwork/pay the fee.  Ultimately I decided not to.  Why?  At this point in time it just seemed unnecessary.  I work in schools & in a bar... and I'm there all the time.  At neither place could I carry a weapon either.  Also, I don't even have a firearm in Texas. 

17. Kiss someone on NYE: PASS
This was a very generous pass.  I spent NYE with Mr. Midwest.  We did not kiss.  I wasn't even awake at midnight.  But I was with a guy I cared about & that's what counts.

18. Have my tarot read PASS

19. Donate blood FAIL

But I did try...I was just turned away for having too low of iron.

20. Meet a blogger PASS

Much like the tattoo, technically a fail.  But I had a blate schedule BEFORE I turned 28 & that's also happening today.  Still counts.

21. Learn to play a song on the guitar FAIL

This is going to stop being a goal...I have the guitar, I've had the guitar.  I just don't sit down to learn.

22. Don't get any type of traffic ticket FAIL

I got a red light ticket...which I still think is BS because I made a right turn on red, which was allowed, but because I yielded instead of coming to a full stop (other cars were making a left turn so I knew there were no cars coming) I got a ticket.

23. Go horseback riding FAIL

24. Go to a Twins, Vikings, & Wild game: PASS 
I'm going to count it as one anyway.  I didn't make it to a Twins game but I did go to a Vikings & Wild game...in addition to a Rangers game so all 3 sports were hit.

25. Go to Fort Worth, San Antonio, & Houston rodeos: PASS 
I'm also going to count this as a pass even though I didn't go to the one in Houston.  I made it to the other 2 & went to 2 other ones in Minnesota.

26. Complete 3 30 Day Challenges PASS

27. Learn Spanish PASS-ISH

28. Finish a 1000 piece puzzle FAIL

16/28...could've done better, could've done worse.


  1. i think you got lots done! it's hard to plan a bunch of things to do over a long time like a year when you have no idea what might change and all that. enjoy your blate and tattoo!

  2. I think you did pretty good! It is hard to get everything done and sometimes your priorities change. There is always next year.

  3. I was thinking about you this weekend birthday girl! My husband and I just got back into town late last night so I'm catching up on blogs! You did pretty darn good girl! I know lots of people that don't get near this many of their goals met! I hope you had a wonderful wonderful birthday that was a sweet as you!

    1. Aww thank you! I'm actually satisfied with how I did. Sure I could've done better, but I got some of the big & important ones done & that's what matters. I hope you had a great weekend & are having a great week so far!

  4. Happy Belated Birthday! :) I think you crossed off a lot of good ones! Reminds me that I really need to get workin' on the rest of my 30 before 30 list ha!