Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Fall 2016 TV Line Up

On Friday Meg blogged about the new shows she was looking forward to this fall as well as the ones she was excited to have return.  That reminded me that I needed to sit down & figure out when all of my shows would be returning.  

Just like last year I'll just be watching them online.  While I do technically have cable this year, I'm not sure if there's DVR & I'm not the only one who lives here/it's not my house so I'm not going to try to record a million things on someone else's TV.  So, after I got all of them written down into my notebook I thought I'd share with y'all what I'm looking forward to.  

**Side note: while it clearly wasn't popular since it got cancelled mid season, I'm still sad that Blood & Oil won't be returning**

New Shows

The Good Place (NBC) - 9/19

This is Us (NBC) - 9/20

Designated Survivor (ABC) - 9/21

Returning Shows

Hawaii Five-0 (CBS) - 9/23
Image result for hawaii five 0 season 7

NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS) - 10/2
Image result for ncis: la new season 8

Chicago Fire (NBC) - 10/11
Image result for chicago fire new season 2016

The Walking Dead (AMC) - 10/11
Image result for the walking dead season 7

Nashville (CMT) - 1/5
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  1. there's a new netflix show called Luke Cage that looks amazing!

  2. This is us looks so good and heartwarming and of course I'm all about my return of the Chicago trilogies.

    1. I've never seen Chicago Med or PD. I should see if they're on Netflix. I really wanted to but then I forgot about it once they started & now I'm behind.

  3. I really want to see This Is Us! Also, you should add The Night Shift to your watching list. Doctor show on NBC.