Friday, May 13, 2016

I'd Rather Be Lucky

Happy Friday y'all!  Today is the only Friday 13th of 2016 & I hope it treats you well!  I don't believe in bad luck (or good luck) on Friday the 13th, just like I don't believe in broken mirrors, black cats, etc being bad luck.  In fact, there are only 2 superstitions I really have: don't turn off/walk out of a game before it's over (it ain't over til it's over) & getting a tattoo for your significant other is a sure way of guaranteeing that it's going to end.

On with my week...

I tried the new Caramel Waffle Cone frappuchino from Starbucks.  Which, itself is not post worthy.  I mean it's delicious but that's not what this is about.  When I got home from work on Monday I remembered I needed to get something for breakfast for the rest of the week (the consistency of the eggs I had made for breakfast burritos made me want to vomit so I threw them out that morning) so I left again to go to the store.  I live half a mile from a grocery store but decided I didn't want to go there & randomly decided to go to Target instead.  Even more randomly I decided to go to the Target that's slightly farther away but nicer than the one I usually go to.  I grabbed some muffins, grabbed some pizza rolls, checked out, & then decided to hit up Starbucks.  When I got in line the following played out in my head:

That girl looks really familiar.  Do I know her?
She looks exactly like that girl from Chicago Fire.
I need to creep a picture of this!
Son of a bitch!  The one time I don't have my phone on me is the one time something like this would happen to me!
Maybe they'll say her name & I can see who plays her when I get back to my car.
Damn it barista why don't you need our names?!  Y'all always ask for names!
She sounds exactly like her too!
Should I say something?
No don't say anything what if it isn't her.
Even if it is her she's in a damn Target getting Starbucks looking all comfy & casual...leave the girl alone.
*A million awkward side glances while I wait for my drink*

I grab my drink, get to my car, Google Chicago Fire, find the real name of the actress, see she's originally from Texas, start geeking out, she that she's originally from 20 min south of Fort Worth, start geeking out even more, realize that Chicago Fire is done filming for the season & see that she comes back during breaks from filming, geek out to the nth degree.  Oh, it was Kara Killmer aka Sylvie Brett.  I've met a handful of singers of varying celebrity status but the only other time I've ever randomly ran into a celebrity was when my friend literally walked right into the actor that plays Scott Thomas on Eurotrip when we were in Austin for SXSW 4 years ago. #6DegreesOfKevinBacon 

Me & Kara Killmer: Starbucks
Kara & Eamonn Walker: Chicago Fire
Eamonn & Bruce Willis: Tears of the Sun
Bruce & Brad Pitt: 12 Monkeys
Brad & Kevin Bacon: Sleepers

The freshmen are doing a zombie apocalypse project in their biology class where they need to find a partner & need to figure out mutations & such in order to have the best traits to survive.  The teachers are having their own zombie game.  One teacher was selected to be patient zero & that person started the "infection."  In order to infect someone you need to go up to the other teacher, place your hand on them, & say "the copiers are working."  The only way to protect yourself is to have a stapler on you.  A mini stapler will protect you against 1 attack, a regular against 2, & a large one against 3.  I went to Walmart & got myself some cheap staplers so I'd be protected against 4 attacks at a time.

If you remember on Sunday I had just painted my nails pink.  This is why I don't normally paint my nails.  Part way into Tuesday my nails were already chipping so I had to redo them when I got home from work.  This time I went with Essie "In the Cab-ana"  Just 2 more weeks & I can get my nails professionally done again.  (For the record it started chipping the next day)

Any suggestions on what color I should go for when I get them done again at the end of the month??


Wednesday night Mr. Midwest & I went to go see the new Captain America movie.  It was good.  Not, it needed to be 2.5 hours long good, but good.  It was definitely action packed & thanks to the people on the internet who had already seen it I knew to stay after 2 credit rolls.  Despite all the action in the movie I fell asleep more than once.  In my defense I had had a long day & it didn't even start until 8:30.  I am too old for a 2.5 hour movie to start that late on a week day.  I'd still recommend it if you haven't yet seen it.

I came home Thursday to this.  I also came home to the trash can gone but a full trash bag hanging on the pantry door.  Apparently my roommate took all of her big stuff, including her trash can, but couldn't bother to also take the trash out.  18 more day until our lease ends!  There's going to be a solid week & a half that our apartment sits empty though because I'm moving all of my stuff out on the 21.  I was tempted to just go stay with Mr. Midwest starting the 16 but I might as well be at my place to pack everything up so that it's ready to be put into storage for the summer.  Packing begins this weekend!


  1. Love that pretty new nail polish color!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. How cool to see her at Starbucks!! Of course the one time you don't have your phone! (It always happens like that, right?!)

  3. That is crazy about Starbucks and the whole 6° thing! And can I say you're so stinking cute and little! And that nail polish is the prettiest color on you! I hope your weekend is as wonderful as you are

  4. Oh damn, that's no bueno your roommate just packed up and left. Moving always sucks but I hope you find a nice place to settle next. Have a great weekend!

  5. love that polish colour! i have something like that but with my skin tone, it looks weird on me :( wish i had known before i bought it!

  6. I'm so glad you warned me about the movie being 2.5 hours. Now I no longer need to see it in theaters, which will save us dollars. I felt the same way about one of the last movies I watched in theater too. It was too long and I just wanted it to end.

    End of the month = Memorial day, RWB themed!

    Finally, I'm still looking for Bill Murray in Charleston.

    I really want to try this waffle cone thing now. I lurve me some waffle cone. But I also really love my local coffee place.. #firstworldproblems