Monday, February 1, 2016

Hello February

How in the world is it already February?!  Did January even happen?  I'm still off work today.  I wish it was for something fun, or even to just relax.  Unfortunately it's because I have jury duty.  On the plus side, it's still a day off of work which is always awesome!

Friday the girls had a game against their rival team.  Freshmen lost by 5, JV won, & Varsity lost by 1.  Losing that game means we are officially out of the running for playoffs.  Which, in all honesty, we're all ready for.  I'm done, the girls are done, the other coaches are done.  Our last two games are this week.  I'm mostly happy to no longer have to wake up at 5 am anymore.

Saturday morning we had softball practice from 9-11.  The warm weather & softball made me so happy.  It made me want to grill out & patio drink.  After practice I unexpectedly stopped at Cavenders.  Damn the beautiful weather for making me want to shop!  I wound up buying a top & a dress that were both on clearance.  I think I'm going to wear the dress to prom in April.  I'm chaperoning yet again.  I didn't go looking for a dress with the intent of using it for prom but I loved the way it looked & the way it fit but it was too nice for a rodeo & way cheaper than what I probably would have wound up getting had I waited until March/April to find one.  

Around 1:30 my friend Abby showed up & we headed to Will Rogers Arena for the stock show & rodeo.  Turns out however that it was sold out.  So we bought tickets to get into the grounds & walked around for a bit.  Abby bought a couple of bracelets and I bought a necklace and some boot socks.  We then went to the beer tent where they had the rodeo on live circuit.  When that was all over we headed to the stockyards to find some supper but everything was crazy busy so we just headed back to my place so I could change out of my dress and into some jeans.  The Uber ride back to my place was the best ride ever!  The driver had a puppy & I got to hold him almost the entire ride on my lap.  We bonded.  I was sad to say goodbye to Tugboat.

As soon as I had changed it was off to Dallas.  Abby checked into her hotel & then we went to Gas Monkey.  Neither of us had ever been there before & since that's where our concert for the night was we decided to eat there.  She got chicken fried steak that was HUGE & looked so good.  I got a burger with bacon & a quail egg.  The food was delicious.  By the time we showed up the first act was done already.  The place was so busy that by the time we ate our food and paid for we had also missed her friend Rich play.  I could see through the glass door the entire time but we didn't actually get to hear him.  We finished in time to hear Waymore's Outlaws play.  I really liked them.  The drummer is even Waylon Jennings original drummer.  The place sucks as a concert venue however so we only watched like 1 or 2 of Shooter Jennings' songs.  After that we just went to the bar to drink since it was early & the drinks were cheap.  One of the opening acts, Rich O'Toole, who is also her friend, & one of his band members hung out with us at the bar for a bit.  The 3 of us, minus Abby, bonded over the fact that we all have strong Minnesota ties.  It wasn't until the next morning when one of my best friends text me to tell me that her cousin had been playing there that night, that I learned that the other guy, Chad, is her cousin.  Of all the joints in all the world...  They guys left before we did but when we left our Uber driver told us about these awesome tacos & took us there to get them.  It had been so long since I had a good barbacoa taco.  We then passed out talking & watching TV.

Sunday morning we woke up & watched TV for a little bit & then headed off to Waffle House for breakfast.  I inhaled my breakfast.  It tasted so good.  It had been too long since I had waffles.  After breakfast we went our separate ways so that she could make her long journey back to Corpus & I could head back to Fort Worth to get my adult on.  Prior to adulting a nap & talking on the phone with my daddy was needed.  I finally made my way to the grocery store.  I got some new flowers for the apartment & ingredients to make jalapeno popper soup.  Saturday alone felt like it lasted an entire weekend so I didn't really do a whole lot on Sunday because I was so worn out.  Post soup making I sat on the couch blogging & watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix.


  1. I want to start Gilmore girls from the beginning. I've watched episodes here and there and have loved them but never straight through!

  2. Oh man I'm so jealous that you went to Waffle House!! I wish we had them up here.

  3. I saw a meme today saying January was a practice month. I agree it has to have been because it flew by way too quickly.

    Love me some Gilmore Girls!

  4. I haven't had waffles in forever, now I want them, like now!!! I love your words: adulting a nap!! Hey a girl need her beauty rest after a long night in Dallas!! Yay to sleeping past 5am too!! Hope this week is awesome for you!!!!

  5. I haven't been to a waffle house in ages - so good! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. How did jury duty go? I saw some snaps but I'm hoping you weren't chosen!

  7. All of your food sounds so delicious! Everyone think I'm nuts because I have never had jury duty and I am DYING for it. I think I would love it! Most people totally dread it, so maybe there's something wrong with me! Hope it went well!

  8. The warm weather this weekend made me go shopping too haha! I want to re-start Gilmore Girls!

  9. I started watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix since I didn't watch it religiously when it was on. I think I watched the first 2 episodes and then gave up.