Tuesday, January 26, 2016

28 By 28 3 Month Check In

1. Get into grad school - as of this moment in time this is off the table

2. Be in a real relationship - I don't really know what I meant at the time when I made this...Mr. Midwest & I have been together since the middle of October so I suppose we'll see where I am/we are at by my 28th birthday

3. Visit a new state - this one could be a tad tricky.  I have no plans as of right now to go on any trips & the only states I haven't been too are on the west coast & the northeast so it's not like I can take a quick trip either to knock one out.  Maybe this summer I'll get someone to drive out to Montana with me or something.

4. Have ECSI loan paid off - this will be completed as soon as I get my refund.

5. Attend 9 concerts - I've gone to 2 so far (which is really low for me...I have 4 coming up though)

6. Try 24 new restaurants/bars - I've gone to 16 (clearly food is a priority)

7. Cut credit card debt to $5300 - yeah about that...

8. Don't use credit card for 1 month - see above...maybe after Feb/Mar this can happen

9. Run a 5k - I really need to sign up for one but that won't be happening until at least April when basketball/softball are over

10. Read 15 books - I've read 1 (there's a chance this won't happen...)

11. Get another tattoo - I already know basically what I want I just need the funds.

12. Weigh 150-155 lbs - Last time I weighed myself I was ____ lbs away.

13. Have $1000 in savings - it's making it's way up there but I'm only counting it if I can have that in my account around the time of my birthday

14 - Stick to my 1-48-5 dating rule - I'm not dating new people so this is irrelevant at this point in time

15. Get CDL - I honestly have no plans on doing this anymore as I don't want to coach next year where I currently work & if I get a job elsewhere I won't be getting it there either

16. - Get CHL - I took the class I just need to do all the payments/paperwork by September

17. Kiss someone on NYE - I don't really know what to do about this one.  Technically we didn't kiss at midnight but Mr. Midwest & I spent all night together with a couple of my friends but I was passing out on the couch by 11 & then passed out pretty much right when we got home again shortly after midnight.

18. Have tarot read - I still want to do this, & had planned on doing it in December with my cousin but time & schedules didn't allow for it so now I'm not sure when I'll do it next.

19. Donate blood - I just need to make an appointment once basketball & softball are done & I feel like I have a moment to breathe

20. Meet a blogger - I have no plans for this as of right now but if anyone in TX, or anyone visiting the DFW area wants to meet up let me know!

21. Learn to play a song on guitar - no progress on this one...but it sure looks nice sitting in the corner of my bedroom ha

22. No traffic ticket - (I type this as I'm doing defensive driving for a ticket I got back in October) Knock on wood so far so good

23. Go horseback riding - I need to find someone to go with me & time to do it.  Apparently Mr. Midwest is afraid of horses so it won't be him.

24. Go to a Twins, Vikings, Wild game - I watched the Vikings vs. the Bears in December & then saw the Wild vs. the Stars on Jan 9th.

25. Attend San Antonio, Houston, & Fort Worth rodeos - I already have tickets to San Antonio, plans for Fort Worth, & possible plans for Houston.

26. Complete 3 30 day challenges - I haven't finished any yet

27. Learn Spanish - I haven't started this either.  I think once softball/basketball are over I'm going to redownload Duolingo & try that.

28. Finish a 1000 piece puzzle - I think about this all the time but I know it won't happen until I'm in MN over the summer because I live with roommates (aka mostly in my own bedroom) so I have nowhere to set it out & walk away from it.


  1. So how much longer do you have to go!? xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. When is your 28th birthday? That's a very long list!!

  3. I wanna go to Montana where it possibly snows in June!!!! Too bad House is taking all my dollas.