Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Winter Goals


1. Start 365 photo challenge (complete Jan & Feb)
2. Start 50 book challenge (read 8 books)
3. Kiss someone on NYE
4. Go to a psychic
5. Start calendar journal/6 words a day (complete Jan & Feb)
6. Watch the sunrise on NYD
7. Build a snowman
8. Send Christmas cards
9. Begin documenting music taste
10. Attend Fort Worth Stock Show
11. Attend San Antonio Rodeo
12. Complete a 30 day challenge
13. Watch Charlie Brown Christmas


  1. I hope you've watched the Charlie Brown Christmas special by now! I watched the New Year's one last night. Seeing a psychic is on my overall 2016 list. Just not sure when I'll do it yet.

    Happy New Year!