Thursday, December 3, 2015

This or That

When I saw Michael post this I knew I had to draft up my own post for a day when I didn't really have a blogging plan.

Book or E-Reader

Real books.  I pretty much flat out refuse to get an e-reader.  I love hard copies.  I wouldn't even read online articles in college.  I would always print them off.

Have a house cleaner or cook

I'd rather have someone clean my house for sure.  As a general rule I hate cleaning.  Cooking on the other hand I don't mind at all.

Never be able to speak again or only be able to speak your mind

Maybe it's just because I am so opinionated but I'd be really curious to see if anyone actually chose never being able to speak again.

Wear a snowsuit in the desert or be naked in Antarctica

Snowsuit in a desert I guess.  Only because I despise the cold.  Plus, I can take that off...

Super fast or super strong

I'd rather be super fast.

Pizza or cookies

I L-O-V-E pizza.  I could eat it all the time.  My justification is that you can have it so many different ways.  Honestly though, 9/10 I get thin crust with sausage, jalapenos, & green olives.

Europe or Mexico

Europe hands down.  I want to go to Mexico because I've never been there & want to see all the places, but I would kill to go back to Europe.

Have a time machine that only goes back in time or a time machine that only goes forward in time

Back in time.  Not because I want to redo anything in my life though.  Since I was a kid I thought it would be cool if I could go back in time & be born at the beginning of every decade so I could experience what it's like to live in different eras.  #HistoryNerd

Be in a real version of The Walking Dead of Game of Thrones

I've never actually seen more than an episode of GoT so I don't know that this is really a fair assessment.  TWD though.  I even have a zombie plan so...

Be 10 minutes late or 20 minutes early for everything

Early.  I'm almost never late because I hate to wait around on people & therefore feel it's rude to make others waiting.  I'm the person that shows up awkwardly early though & sits in their car until it's acceptable to go in.

Sit in a white room for 8 hours a day for $100,00 of work at an interesting job for $50,000

Considering I only make just over $50k now & am making strides towards getting a career in something that is an almost guaranteed pay cut... the interesting job for 50k.

Space or the ocean

Ocean.  I love being by the water.

Beer or wine

If I go to a bar I never order wine.  It's always a beer or a Jack/Coke.  However, if I'm at home, sometimes it's beer but a lot of times it's wine.


  1. europe for sure!! i hate mexico; been there and didn't like it at all despite how pretty it is.

  2. Um, yes to everything? I with you on bar ordering. Home is for wine where I can drink the entire bottle and then laugh hysterically a my cat's antics. Also, who would never want to speak again?! I need to meet that person.

  3. I would totally pick Europe over Mexico and the beach over space. And I am with you on wanting to go back in time. My view on that is...the world gets a little worse each year haha I don't know if I want to see the future!!!I I would rather go back to simpler times.

  4. i know, who would choose never speak again?! i am quite partial to my e-reader.

  5. Yeah, I'ma need this one for later. I'm such a horrible blogger right now. I'm pretty sure almost all of our answers are going to be the same.. Except for that last one. It's always about the liquor for me and it's too expensive to drink out, so I'll just stay home and be cheap and not have to worry about getting an Uber. lol