Monday, November 23, 2015

First Taste of Freedom

Thursday morning my freshmen played their first of 3 tournament games.  It should be known right now that my freshmen got placed in a JV/Varsity tournament.  I say this because they lost their game 6-66.  After the game it was back to class for the girls at 12:30.  I had a sub lined up for the whole day due to the game in the morning & being a part of the powder puff game that afternoon.  I could have gone in for 2 off my classes but it seemed pointless to disrupt the way things were going so I got stuff done in the coaches office instead until 1:30.  During the powder puff game I was a part of the chain crew with 2 of my friends/coworkers.  We were by far the world's most okay chain crew.  It didn't help that the 4 football coaches that were refereeing the game couldn't make up their mind on who was right & where we should be half the time.  That night a few of us met up for drinks at a bar near where Em & I live.  It was a lot of fun & they had a good band playing too.  

Friday morning the freshmen had another game in the morning.  The girls lost 7-40.  The students didn't have school but the teachers had staff development.  Because of the tournament, even though it was one game, I got to skip out of the entire thing.  Second best present of the day.  After the game I went home for a little bit & paid my bills because pay day & responsible adult up in here...most of the time.  I headed back up to work around 1 to meet up with some friends/coworkers for lunch.  Because I was already up there & had to throw the girls' uniforms into the dryer I decided to go to the last meeting of the day which was the entire district staff.  I'm so glad that I did because they gave everyone a bonus this year & they handed it out as a physical check.  Had I not gone to the meeting I would have had to wait until after Thanksgiving break to get it.  Sometimes pay day burns a hole in my pocket so after the meeting I headed to Cavenders to see what I could see.  I wound up buying a Christmas present for one of my friends back in Minnesota & then a pair of earrings and a bracelet for myself.  I also went to the liquor store to get stuff to make a little "thank you for everything & I'm sorry you've been so stressed at work lately" present for Mr. Midwest.  I did absolutely nothing that night & it was amazing.

Saturday morning the girls had their final game.  This time they lost 10-36.  Improvement.  After the game I met up with Em so that we could get our nails done & do lunch.  Since my nails are gray (& the ring fingers are silver) I wanted to do something that matched but wasn't identical.  I went with OPI Date with Destiny.  I love it.  The girl that did them was awesome too.  For "lunch" we went to Chuy's which really just meant margaritas, chips, salsa, & queso.  It filled me up though!  It was good to have a girls' date before we both headed home for break.  After lunch I headed down to Mr. Midwest's apartment to get ready for the Kip Moore concert.  We had VIP so I got to do the whole meet & greet/pre-show acoustic set again.  That's by far my favorite part.  During the acoustic set he said how in a couple of years he's hoping to just go out & do an acoustic tour in intimate settings because he prefers that to large concerts.  That is a-ok with me.  Between the acoustic set & the actual concert Mr. Midwest & I went to go get supper.  I made him go to Star Cafe since I'm in love with their steak salad.  After supper we headed back.  Chris Cavanaugh & Michael Ray opened up for Kip.  As always it was an amazing show.

The next morning we laid around watching some B rated show on Netflix.  It's called Hemlock Grove.  It's crap... after a few episodes though I wanted to keep watching because I always have to follow a story & find out what happens next.  Although I will never admit to Mr. Midwest that I don't actually mind the show & want to keep watching it to find out what in the world is going on.  Mid-day he had to go into work so I cleaned his place & watched the sad sad Vikings v. Packers game on TV.  When he came home it was close to the end of the game & I was just sitting there all agitated with frustration tears in my eyes.  At least we aren't any games behind after the loss.  Of course the Packers (7-3) play the Bears (4-6) at home on Thanksgiving & we play the Falcons (6-4) in Atlanta that following Sunday.  While anything is possible, I'm thinking after week 12 it'll be Packers (8-3) Vikings (7-4).  Neither of us had eaten since breakfast so after the game we went to Fat Daddies, which has apparently become our Sunday tradition, to the point that we sit in the exact same spots at the bar to watch the last game & the bartender noticed.  We only made it until half time before heading home to watch an episode of Hemlock Grove & going to bed.  #AdultLife


  1. Ugh sorry to hear that show wasn't a winner - I hate when that happens! Happy Monday! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Pic with Kip cool and you look so cute!!! I love OPI Date and Destiny! Pretty Pretty!! Hope this week is off to a great start for you!!! ;-)

    1. Thank you! This week is great. I had practice this morning & again tomorrow morning but other than that I'm off work all week & headed back to MN on Wed.

  3. OPI's Date with Destiny looks like a really pretty nail color for the holidays! Lucky you getting VIP access...sounds like a really fun Sat night with the guy.

  4. Very fun weekend! And YAY about the bonus! That is so exciting!!! woo!

  5. Did you watch the Aziz Ansari show? I've only heard good things about it.

  6. That margarita though! I want one now