Friday, October 9, 2015

I'm Fallin Fast Head Over Heels

Curtis Grimes - Your Love Is To Blame


According to the Phone
For homecoming week we had dress up days.  Monday was America Day...a student asked why I looked 15.  On Wednesday for Country Day the school cop told me he thought I was a student.  Yesterday for Twin Day two students told me they thought I was a teenager...

Sunrise when I got to work

For competition day in athletics we played capture the flag.


Thank God you wished your toddler a happy birthday on Facebook. He never would've seen that tweet.:

Reminds me of Rock Band, aww. :D:

Don't Stop Believing (Hold On To THat Feeeelinggg):

hahahah wowwwww:

Haha wish I could've seen that!!:


Poor T-Rex:


Just kidding...I'm only a turtle.:

*I don't know why I find this so humorous*:

14 days until my 27th birthday!


  1. I love the Ferris Bueller quote!! Such a good movie.

  2. When someone who I'm not friends with likes my comment, I feel like I've achieved the ultimate social media level.
    Does this mean you always get carded? I've noticed I've been getting carded less and less and part of me is sad that I don't look that young, part of me is glad to not have to deal with the hassle.

    116 days till I turn 30. #ohshit

  3. It is not a bad thing to look young, especially as you get older.