Thursday, October 8, 2015

Four More Things Vol. 10

Four Random Pictures in a Four Hour Time Frame
I had intended on blogging this on Tuesday so these pictures are from Monday.  They also aren't taken in a 4 hour time frame because I was going to turn it into a day in my life post.  But life.

Top left: It was America Day at work for homecoming week so I have an America shirt on & a red bow in my hair.
Top right: working out in the weight room for athletics.
Bottom left: A picture of my board with instructions for my students.
Bottom right: I had a date with a boy & he came over for supper.  He's not even going to get a name because he was so boring that there won't be a 2nd date.  I made bacon wrapped stuffed chicken & lemon parmesan asparagus though.  My food was amazing.

15 days until my 27th birthday!!


  1. HAHAA! He doesn't even get a name because he's so boring... lolol.

  2. The food looks amazing, sorry he was boring. That is the worst.

  3. If you feed your dates this kind of delicious food, I'll date you! ;)

  4. i'm starting to miss lifting. i haven't lifted any weights in nearly 3 months because muay thai is 6 days a week and i need at least 1 rest day!

  5. Sorry the date didn't go so well but at least your food came out great! haha

  6. Homecoming week was always the best! Pajama Day was my favorite! lol

  7. I hope you knew him enough to have him at your house, that is a big dating no-no. Safety first!!