Wednesday, September 30, 2015

While I Was Away

It's been almost 2 weeks since I launched a blog post.  I can't actually believe it's only been 12 days since my last post.  It feels like forever ago.  I wasn't even quite sure I wanted to sit down & do this post but I figured since I had time, I didn't want to wind up being away for months, I should do it.

Life has been both eventful & yet not...which may make 0 sense.  So since September 18th here's what I've been up to...

Fri 18th
I had intentions of starting the 21 day fix on the I went grocery shopping & was going to do food prep Friday night since I was going to be gone all weekend.  I bought maybe half of the groceries I would have needed for week 1, the total was $70, so I said screw that.  So instead I put those groceries in the fridge/freezer, ate ice cream, packed, & went to bed.

Sat 19th
I got up bright and early (4 am) Saturday morning so that I could drive myself to the airport & fly off to Minnesota.  The weather was amazing when I finally arrived.  It was sunny & mid-50s...the way fall should be.  When my friend Kayla (formerly known as Favorite College Roommate...I'm getting rid of nicknames except for boys I date ha) picked me up we made a Caribou Coffee stop.  I was in heaven because I don't live anywhere near a Caribou & I much prefer that to Starbucks #MNGirlForLife.  After Caribou we headed to Prairie Tap House to visit her friend, eat, & drink.  At one point we each had a coffee, bloody mary, mimosa, & beer chaser in front of us.  There was also another beer that we were sharing #DrinksForDays.  I bought a baby shower present & then we just hung out, talked, & watched Netflix all night.  We ordered a pizza that came with a random cat fact on the box..."One litter of kittens can be produced by more than one father" #InsertInappropriateHashtagHere

Sun 20th
Sunday was Heather's (formerly known as First College Roommate) baby shower.  It was 100% Pinterest inspired.  One of the games we played was "Guess The Famous Mother"  We each got a name tag put on our back & had to ask questions in order to figure out who we were.  My hilarious friends made me The Virgin Mary.  My flight with Spirit got moved up an hour for some reason which was slightly annoying.  The shower ended just in time for someone to bring me back to the airport.  I got back a little after 10 pm that night & then had a 30-45 minute drive home.  I had every intention of creating a "Weekending" post but I was so tired from a busy weekend that I passed out when I got home.  Perhaps if I had I wouldn't have fallen off the wagon.  However I doubt it because...

Mon 21st
Oklahoma called me.  Remember him?  After 3 months of 0 contact he called me after I had already gone to bed.  We talked for a good 45 min-hour about how he missed me, he was sorry for how things went down in June, that he loved me & always had, that he still had my letters & CDs which he still reads & listens to respectively, etc etc but due to *information that isn't mine to share* he doesn't know what to do or if he can be with me because he's trying to do the right thing.  So basically I've been a hot mess for the past week.  Absolutely nothing exciting happened during the day...we had staff development...I hated was a 7 hour repeat training.  Oh wait...Em & I did do a happy hour at Los Vaqueros.

Tue 22nd
I somehow magically made it through the day using my commute & off period to get my crying out.  There will probably be a post actually devoted to the call & my state of mind since but seeing as I haven't actually blogged in almost 2 weeks before now no promises will be made.  I was a walking stereotype at the grocery store after work.  In preparation for upcoming shark week I bought a box of tampons, a frozen pizza, & a bottle of wine.  The cashier asked how my day was, I looked at the conveyor belt, & said "grrreeeaaat" then we both laughed.  I stuffed my face with pizza & opened the bottle of wine.  I didn't even bother to find my bubble bath & just got in the tub.

Wed 23rd
Wednesday after school some of the softball girls started practice after school.  It's only 2 hours once a week but it's getting them ready.  According to regulations coaches cannot practice with them before a certain date so a parent is running drills with them.  We aren't even allowed on the field but I stopped by for about 30 minutes just to see how they're looking.

Thu 24th
And there you have it selfie face...Thursdays are competition days in the girls athletic period.  The 5 coaches all got together & did a draft just like a fantasy football league draft & created teams.  Every Thursday coaches take turns coming up with competitions for the girls.  My team's color is blue so I bought them all blue bandanas to wear on Thursdays.  We came in 4th...which is better than the previous week ha.  So we're improving!  Instead of going out on a Thursday for once Emily (Formerly KState) & I just hung out at her apartment & drank beer & wine.

Fri 25th
I took Friday off to be productive.  I was slightly productive but not as productive as I had planned.  I went to DPS & took one of my CDL tests (I passed!), got my car inspection done, & paid my bills.  I could so get used to days like that.  Days where I'm productive but don't go to a typical 9-5 job.  More & more being a stay at home ranch wife (where I actually contribute to it) sounds ideal.  For Happy Hour Em & I went to Woody's Tavern for all of a beer because the place sucked & then went to Lone Star Oyster Bar where we ate amazing nachos.  That night I went out with Emily, Jessica, her husband, Em's now boyfriend Mikel, & his friend.  In the beginning it was just me, Em, Jess, & her husband.  We went to a moonshine place that was really good.  I had a blueberry moonshine mojito.  After that we went to a popsicle place before heading off to a couple of other bars.  The night did not end well.  It wasn't the worst night of my life but 2 people made me cry about Oklahoma & I threw up as well.  At least it wasn't a Thursday...

Sat 26th
I spent most of the day unpacking (& pretending to unpack).  I had been talking to a guy on Tinder since the night before who was from Canada & only in town for the weekend.  Last minute I decided to venture on one of the most spontaneous weekends of my life.  I drove 30-40 min north to the Texas Motor Speedway & got in a car with 2 guys from Canada & one of their wives who was from Mexico.  We were followed by another Canadian & a guy from Kansas.  The 6 of us went to American Airlines Center to watch the Dallas Stars play Tampa Bay for pre-season.  We got the cheaper seats but moved down to the first section for the last period because there were complete empty rows.  The Stars won...which being from Minnesota didn't make me the happiest.  The game was still fun though & I finally got to go to a pro game after far too long.  After the game we all went out for a couple of drinks before calling it a night.

Sun 27th
Around noon on Sunday Em & I went out for brunch/lunch before getting our nails done.  I got my nails powder dipped for the first time ever.  It's supposed to last longer than shellac.  So far I really like it.  They feel harder even though it's just on my real nail.  Apparently most people get fake nails dipped.  After that I went back up to the speedway to hangout with the Canadians.  They were staying in a condo right on the speedway.  We all just hung out there for awhile & then I took them down to the stockyards so they could see it.  We went out for a steak dinner before I headed home to get stuff planned for work the next week & they could head back to their condo before flying out the next day.


The past two days have been so uneventful.  I went to work Monday & graded ALL. NIGHT. LONG.  Tuesday was more going to work & then writing up this post.  Posts that were supposed to go live but remained as drafts during my hiatus include a 3 month check in on my 101 list (I'll make it live for Thursday) & my fall goals (probably going to just delete that one).  I also had posts planned but not typed for the other days.  Hopefully I'll be back for good (or at least a normal stretch) now.  I'm not going to promise that I'll read all of the posts that I've been neglecting the past 2 weeks but I do promise to read some & return the emails that y'all have sent.

While I Was Away - Zane Williams

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  1. Boys are stupid.
    Sometimes you just have to chuck it all and start fresh. At least sometimes that's the approach I take when I hit a blogging slog.