Thursday, September 10, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

**When I was looking at my students' DOB I realized that if I have freshman again next year almost none of them will have been born before 9/11 because this year my students were all born late 2000-early 2001**

**I had a date on Sunday & I had A LOT of already wanted to see him again when I got home that night**

**It hit me when I started this post that I haven't been keeping track of any of the funny things my students have been saying...**

**...good thing I apparently wasn't planning on bringing it back until October**

**Back to the boy: when I'm so-so with someone/haven't met them yet, not talking to them doesn't bug me.  Once I like them I just want to talk to them all the time but don't want to send 100 text messages because grown-up**

**I had to go in for a physical for work & when I stepped on the scale & saw what it said I about died...good thing I'm starting a 21 day fix in a couple of weeks**

**I have been dying for salted caramel to come back to Starbucks but even though it came back on Tuesday, I get a free coffee at a gas station near work every day in the month of September for teacher appreciation.  So, unless I go in on a weekend I'll be waiting until October**

**Kickass Cousin & I are going through our first drifting apart phase since...well years & years probably a decade**


  1. A conscious drifting apart or just life drifting apart?

  2. oh i'm sorry to hear your cousin and you are drifting apart - that sucks :(

  3. Hopefully there is another date planned. It is hard not to drift but if you want to just reach out.

  4. Awwwww you and cuz will get back at it, I went through the same phases with my cousin but you always come back together because family-friendships are 1000000 times better than regular friendships. And I want to hear more about this boy!

    Yes, more about this date!! MOOOAAARRRRR!!!

    One of the saddest parts about my last Navy job was checking new people into the command and some of them were born in the mid-90s and have joined the military... WTFFFFF? YOUTHS!

  6. I LOVE dates like that!! Haven't been in one of those in a while, but they're so awesome, right?
    Also, I hate when friendships drift apart. It can be stressful! I just remind myself that it's only natural and things will be okay. <3