Monday, September 7, 2015

The Last Weekend As A Guest

I'm almost done being a guest in someone else's house!  This coming Saturday I'm finally moving into my 2 bedroom apartment with New Roommate.  Also, I'm still actually on the weekend as I'm sure many of you are because of Labor Day.

The struggle was so real at work on Friday.  Between being hungover & the kids being hyper because they had a pep rally in the morning along with it being Friday, the end of the day could not come fast enough.  After work I went home & took a brief little nap & then headed out to happy hour with a few people from work.  After happy hour we headed to the first home football game of the season.  When we arrived we were losing 7-27.  We made a come back to 21-27 but in the end still had a heartbreaking loss.  We were all so exhausted after the game that instead of going out like we had discussed, we all just went home to go to bed.  #OldPeopleProblems

Saturday morning I woke up earlier than I had really wanted to but since I was up I started being productive.  I got almost all of my grading done, which was like 4-5 assignments for 6 classes...only 1 class still isn't done.  KState & I were going to go get our nails done so I graded while I waited for her to get her errands done.  I finally couldn't wait to eat any longer so I just ran to Wing Stop to get lunch.  After I ate we went to go get pampered.  She did her toes a purple/pink color & her nails a lavender color for KState.  I did my toes a yellow/gold color & my fingers a maroon color for MN.  This time I remembered to check what the colors were called since I blogger failed last time & didn't even look.  My toes are China Glaze Sun Worshiper & my nails are OPI Prune Danish.  I hung around my place for a bit before going out for supper & drinks with Mr. & Mrs. Hipster since they were in Fort Worth for a day date.  We tried a new restaurant that I hadn't been to yet & I had the best watermelon mojito.  The food was really good too but OMG that mojito!  After that we headed to a bar that I have now been to like 4 times since school started all of 2 weeks ago...  We had a couple & then I headed home.  
Mr. Weatherford was frustrating me because he tries to wait until the last minute to make plans with me & then I already have plans...then when my plans changed & I told him I was available he still couldn't manage to say he wanted to hang out until I decided I didn't want to wait around on his answer & went out on a date with someone else.  For now I'm just gonna call him Mr. Florida ha.  We just met up for a few beers & to play pool & darts.  We had already planned on possibly getting together at some point so I could have some lobster mac & cheese lol but since we were both free & talking we decided that since we don't live that far apart we'd just meet up.  It was fun.  I still don't know exactly how I feel about him but I'll give him another shot for our lobster mac date.  When I got home I saw I had a few messages from Mr. Weatherford & I let him have it after he basically told me that we could've met up at his house.

I managed to sleep in until around 10 am & just hung around inside the apartment for awhile eating leftover Wing Stop.  I finally figured out how to get into the pool at my apartment so I laid out by the pool to get my tan on.  When I came back in I watched the Lego movie & part of This Is The End.  I had never seen either but Roommate's Boyfriend has been trying to get me to watch them since I moved in.
At 7 I had a dinner date with a guy followed by a Jon Wolfe concert with him, KState, & her date.  Since I'm writing this predate I'll update y'all later on how it went.

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  1. Yeah, when I realized I was waiting on dudes to contact me I was like, kthxno I have better things to be doing.. aka going out with other people/dudes.
    EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!!!! I haven't seen This Is the End, so I don't have any awesome quotes from that, sorry.
    I want lobster mac and cheese... I'm super sad that I'm going on vacation next week (who the fuck says that IRL?) because I'm missing 1/2 of Charleston's restaurant week when things are relatively cheap at pretty expensive restaurants... ok and because I'll miss Teh German, but that's not related to mac and cheese.