Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Four More Things Vol. 8

Four Candy/Treat/Dessert Favorites
I'm going to pick 4 of my favorites that I've made off of Pinterest

Pecan pie brownies -  putting it in the Christmas file!:
Pecan Pie Brownies (pecan pie is my favorite...add chocolate? yes please!)

Easy Peach Cobbler:
Peach Cobbler (fun fact I had never had it until I made this for Mr. Fireman)

Salty Caramel Turtle (pretzel, Rolo and pecans) -- they look delicious!:

Cinnamon Roll Crescents


  1. those cinnamon roll crescents!!!!!!!! i love those!

  2. Those salty caramel turtles are the shiiiiiiiiiit. One of my girlfriends made those before and I think I ate 20. No joke. I ate a whole styrofoam cup full. lol

  3. Necissito peach cobbler. OMG that looks so scrumptious.
    I have done a marshmallow in my crescent rolls, also delicious, I've also done a piece of chocolate plus a marshmallow in the crescent roll. I think my fave is still cinnamon sugar sprinkled inside before cooking though.