Thursday, September 3, 2015

I'm Blue...& Orange

Back during new teacher orientation they had us take a little quiz to see what our personality color was.  It's by True Colors International if you're interested.

So first you go through & you look at these cards & put them in order of which one seems most like you to the least based on the pictures from each card.  Then, you flip them over & read about them.  You can then rearrange them to see which one fits you the most.

Once you have them in the order that makes you happy you score them.  4 is the one most like you & 1 is the least like you.  You write those numbers under the card color in the book.  There are then 5 lines that each contain 4 sets of 3 words.  You rank those 4-1 on which set seems most like you to which one seems the least like you.

Once you finish that you total them up & get your score.  I got Blue - Are we in agreement (20), Orange - Where's the action (18), Gold - What's the plan (13), & Green - Why (9)

Because Blue & Orange were so close I consider them both to be my personality & therefore will share with you what that says about me!

Being authentic, sincere, & making genuine connections are important to you.  Honesty & harmony are highly valued in your relationships.  You are natural peacemaker & bridge builder.  You remember special dates & occasions that others tend to overlook.  You appreciate the cohesiveness that comes from working within a team environment.  You enjoy relationships & being connected to others.

Natural people person
Relationship oriented
Skilled mediator
Peacemaker, seeks harmony
Cause oriented
Cultivates the potential in others
Prefers to cooperate rather than compete
Seeks to make a difference in the world
Compassionate, empathetic
Self searching, living a life of significance
Writing & speaking with poetic flair

You Esteem Yourself by Being Empathetic
You seek harmony & love.  You are a natural romantic in life, idealizing the perfect moments & gestures of love.  A facilitator of human potential, you are most satisfied when nurturing the potential in others & bringing out the best in them.  you are symbolized by the dove of peace, the romantic ballad, the drama of life, & the importance of a simple touch or handshake.

You Tend To...
Dream of: authenticity, love, affection
Value: compassion, sympathy, rapport
Regard: meaning, significance, identity
Dislike: hypocrisy, deception, insincerity, tension
Like: helping others, deep & affectionate relationships
Express: inspiration, enthusiasm, liveliness
Foster: harmony, personal growth, potential for improvement
Respect: open with feelings, nurturing, empathy
Promote: peaceful relationships, teamwork, trust
Need: connection, friendliness, harmony

But at the same time...

You tend to be action oriented with a strong desire to test the limits.  You tend to become restless with routine & repetition.  You prefer a hands-on approach to problem solving & desire visible outcomes.  You are comptetive & bounce back quickly from defeat.  You are drawn to adventure & you enjoy being in the spotlight.  You thrive in an environment that promotes flexibility & freedom.

Risk-take..."Just do it"
Quick witted
Creative & innovative
A natural entertainer
High need for mobility
Hands-on learner
Playful, charming
Skilled in crisis management
Likes tangible rewards
Freedom & adventure
Impulsive, spontaneous
Productive in informal environments
A natural negotiator

You Esteem Yourself by Being Adventurous
You live life to the fullest,  You live in the here & now.  your impulsiveness drives everything you do.  You love competition & never miss an opportunity to make a deal.  You are a natural leader, troubleshooter, & performer.  Your attributes may be symbolized by the flight of the eagle, the sensation of riding a motorcycle, the roaring of the rapids, & the skillfulness of a virtuoso...

You Tend To...
Dream of: spontaneity, impetuousness, freedom
Value: variety, skill, adventure, charisma
Regard: opportunities, options, competition
Dislike: rigidity, authority, rules, regulations
Like: options, fast pace, challenges
Express: optimism, impatience, eagerness, confidence
Foster: recreation, fun, activity
Respect: skill, artistic expression
Promote: risk taking, change, forward momentum
Need: flexibility, freedom, spontaneity

So basically I'm super caring & up for anything...


  1. That sounds like a fun quiz. Did you think it was really accurate? I see some traits I agree with for you.

  2. I love personality quiz thingies that are possibly accurate. I wish I didn't have to pay $35 to know more about me or I would totally take that test.
    I agree with Kerry there are definitely some things here that I'd agree with.