Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Damn Right I Said It

**I read an article a week or so that perfectly described me**
(If you didn't feel like clicking the link it's called "The Struggles of Being a Cynic Who Falls Too Easily)

**Next Monday I'm starting the 21 Day Fix...meal planning for that shit is like playing food Sudoku**

**Living with a roommate for the first time after nearly 4 years is such an adjustment...not necessarily bad...just different**

**I gave myself a blood blister on my pinkie toe the other day trying to move a bench in the weight room**

**The other day when my friends played Fantasy Match Bingo about Mr. Stockyards...seeing a text about him swatting a fly out of the air because it was near me with the following gif makes me laugh every time I think about it**

**This one also made an appearance & comes it at a close wasn't about the fly**


  1. My friend started the 21 Day fix and had a real hard time with the food. She loved the workouts tho.

  2. I am sure you will feel so much better but it is tough. Swatting a fly for you, sweet.

  3. Wooott for a 10! ;)
    See food sudoku i could never do. I'll just take down my portions and cut out grains as much as possible.