Wednesday, August 26, 2015

School Time Confessions

**Knowing that I have to basically write all of the curriculum for World Geography for this year because there is none stresses me out to no end**

**I am so happy that I finally have kids & am done with all day err day staff development**

**Freshmen are SO different from seniors**

**Less of a confession, more of a request...the cheerleaders at my school are competing (well as of Monday they're the only entry but entries aren't due til Nov) in a Friday Night Lights competition.  If you could click the link & vote for them it'd be much appreciated!**

If we have enough votes, 95.9 will visit our school during our pep rally and the football game that night.  The winning school showing the most school spirit, pride, and love for 95.9 will receive a free concert (William Clark Green) and a scholarship for one senior!


  1. Oh gosh, freshmen, so young yet trying to be so old at the same time! HOpe you have a fabulous year!

  2. Oh boy, freshman are tough. Hope the school year isn't to tough.

  3. how awesome! you get to dictate what they learn for the whole year!

  4. Oh man, teaching freshmen? You are a shining star for taking that on girl! Lol. I hope you have a great year!!

  5. Hope things are going well for you on your end, girl!

  6. Hope things are going well for you on your end, girl!