Thursday, August 27, 2015

101 in 1001 3.0 2 Month Check In

I have officially completed the first 2 months of my 3rd 101 in 1001 list so it's time to check in again to see how I did in month 2.

#4 Workout Weekly

#11 Volunteer Monthly
We had a movie night for the student athletes...I didn't take any pictures but it was MacFarland USA

#12 Drink a 1/2 gallon of water daily

#17 Save change for 1001 days

#21 Try 101 new bars/restaurants
Greek Cravings - St Cloud, MN

Olive Burger - Richardson, TX

Golden Chick - Dallas, TX

The Truckyard - Dallas, TX

Spin! Neapolitan Pizza - Richardson, TX

Custer Wok - Richardson, TX

Taco Joint - Richardson, TX

#36 Send monthly letters

#61 Bake something monthly

#77 Listen to a new artist every month
Logan Mize

#87 Dance in the rain
I had this on the last one...but the last one had happened prior to the start of my list.  We had a dance party in the rain at WeFest so this time it counts for real.

#91 Take a picture of myself on the first of each month

#100 Go on a date once a month
Friend dates.  Because online dating is the worst...

**I was such a failure at taking pictures or even really keeping track of any of these this month.  August is always a rough month for me with WeFest, moving back to TX, & school starting again.  Next month I'll do better at actually keeping track of stuff.


  1. Mother effer that burger looks sensational. I like the dancing in the rain addition!

  2. I love that food is the priority. #win