Tuesday, April 14, 2015

So True Tuesday

When I’m drunk with my cell phone… but itll probably progress to snapchats now

ahahahahahahah yes

Pretty much

Well, time for bed...

This is so true.

On a daily  basis..amen

Happens always!

So true lol! Good thing I have an awesome momma! @Karen McClellan

True that!


  1. I am over here cackling at these!! All of these are my life!

  2. haha oh yes, I am the most truthful when I'm pissed off, even more so than when I'm drinking!

  3. I wanted to "like" the north/south tubing thing. I hate what FB has done to me!

  4. haha love the one about someone liking an old photo - that happened to me just yesterday and I was like immmmmmm lol. Also Im reading an old post ... same thing?