Monday, April 13, 2015

Four Day Weekends For The Win

A 3 day weekend had been in the books for a long time but on Monday I had gotten an email setting up an interview for Thursday.  Since the interview was planned for 11, & half day either starts or ends at 11, I took the entire day off.  I mentioned it on Friday, but I'm pretty sure the interview did not go well.  I'll be finding out either way today.  I did gain something from the interview though, perspective on exactly where I want to be.  So, whether I get the job or not I'm not taking it.

After the interview I went & did laundry & then got my oil changed.  Productive days off are the best!  With responsibility out of the way I headed off to my favorite park, got some steps in, & then just relaxed on a dock out by the water for awhile before heading back home.

Friday morning I woke up & ran around like a chicken with its head cut off.  I should've packed the night before like I had planned.  I should've balanced my checking account the night before like I planned.  Alas, the procrastinator in me did neither so I hustled to do them before walking out the door.  I had planned on leaving by 9 so I could get to Fredericksburg by 1.  I didn't leave until 9:30ish & it turns out it's a 4.5 hour drive rather than a 4 hour drive so I didn't get there until almost 2.  Luckily my friend had stopped to eat lunch somewhere so we showed up at Luckenbach at pretty much the exact same time.

She picked up her race packet & I picked up my "buddy band" & then we just hung out talking to random people & listening to live music.  We met a couple who are pretty much my relationship goal.  They had been married for 45 years & were still so in love & having so much fun together.  The husband was telling me about how they met & it went something like this:

Husband:  We've been married for 45 years but we met 48 years ago.  She was the first rodeo queen I ever danced with & I was the first hippie she ever danced with.
Wife: He loved me right away...
Husband: I did not!  Ok...well maybe...but it took me 3 years to convince this woman to marry me.  Her father hated me.  I'm pretty sure he didn't say a word to me the first 3 years we were together.
Wife: That's not true.  He said hi & bye...he loved saying bye to you.
Husband: That's a true story right there.

Earlier that day we had seen this couple...
...& my faith in relationships was restored.

After Luckenback we headed out to Rathskeller for supper before heading to Hondo's for some drinks & live music.

Saturday we were up bright & early so we could head back to Luckenbach.  My friend ran the Outlaw Half Marathon.  I watched her take off & then went back to my car to nap/relax for a couple of hours.  I never really did get a good nap in but it was drizzly & I was exhausted so instead of standing around outside for a couple hours while she ran, sitting in my comfy car seemed the like better option.  At the 2.5 hour mark I decided to head back down to the course so that I would for sure be down there when she crossed the finish line.  Because I bought a partner pass I got the same free meal & 2 beers that she did so when she finished we got in line for our food & beer and then just hung our for a couple of hours listening to more live music.

When the band took a break we decided to head back to the hotel.  We rested a bit before getting ready to go out for the night.  We started out at Hondo's again for supper.  They had a band playing but because of possible rain they moved them indoors where the was next to no room so we headed out to find some other place.  While walking down the street we came across a cute little pizza place with outdoor seating, & of course live music.  While there we met someone who also ran the half marathon so we all talked & hung out there until they closed at 10 & then bar hopped around Fredericksburg until they all closed at 2 am.  At that point the night took a turn which caused my friend & I to end up walking a mile, mile & a half, before calling the police to bring us back to my car & escort us back to the hotel.  Nothing bad actually happened, there's a good chance nothing bad would have happened, neither my friend nor I were drunk, & we most definitely did not get in trouble with the law...but it's a night I'll remember for a very long time.

Sunday morning we slowly got our crap together & checked out of our hotel just before 11 & headed off to find some food.  We were told to try the diner right by our hotel but they had a 30 minute wait.  No thanks, I was starving.  We decided to just head to main street & see what we could find.  I have lived in Texas for 3 years...& I finally got my first stinkin Blue Bonnets photo.  Next year maybe I'll even take my picture in them.  We had both been craving pizza & it just so happened that the first open restaurant we came across was a pizza place.  DESTINY!  The food was good, the atmosphere was awesome, & the staff was so friendly.  We sat there chatting, eating, & watching PBR on TV while country music played in the background.  My kinda place...  After we were finished we decided to walk along main street some more & wound up finding a cute boutique where we each bought a shirt.  I then began the 4.5 hour journey back to Houston where I talked to Kickass Cousin for essentially the entire drive, because that's just how we do.  Our conversation continued to google hangouts so we could eat Chipotle "together".  Co-dependency at it's finest right there people...


  1. Yay! I love seeing blue bonnet pictures. I'm glad you got one.

  2. Woo hoo - sounds like a wonderful weekend!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  3. That couples story is so very sweet, and adorable! Love it. The blue bonnets are so pretty.

  4. So glad you had a nice weekend! That couple sounds so funny and those bluebonnets are gorgeous!

  5. These pics fill my heart with Texas joy. I love love love Bluebonnet season. That older couple? That reminded me of my grandparents. I'd go shopping with them, and they'd stroll the mall hand in hand. It was so sweet.

  6. I've only ever had someone waiting for me at the finish of one of my 5ks of all the runs I've done. Having someone waiting on me would make ALL the difference in the world. YAY for supporters!!!
    I need more old couples in my life. They are adorable.

  7. Awww that couple seems super sweet! I love love stories. Love them!