Wednesday, April 8, 2015


I realized a few weeks ago that I want to be a mom & a wife.  Which is sort of a new revelation for me.  Had you asked me a month or 2 ago about that I would've said "I want kids...maybe...someday...I don't know" & the same was true for marriage.  But then it hit me that OK having a kid didn't freak me out & I saw a screaming baby in a restaurant & instead of my usual "ARGH!" reaction I thought "aww I wanna make it happy!"

That was one long winded confession

I love maps!  So I obviously had to do a #TravelStoke map like everyone else.  29 states baby!

I am so ready for softball to be over even though I will miss the girls.  #2MoreWeeks

Even if I were staying at my job I don't know that I'd coach again because the other coach & I don't mesh well.

I don't watch reality TV, but if I lived in Canada I'd watch the shit out of hockey wives...I wish it would air here.

I'm addicted to this dip.  As in if it were acceptable I'd say screw the chips/veggies just give me a damn spoon...


  1. Ha, I love how your confessions were all over the place! The coaching thing is so much work and time isn't it? I always feel like I don't have a life during the season. And then when it's over, it's like... woah. I actually have time to do my job {teach}, clean my house, see my friends, cook dinner... where has this been???

  2. hockey wives?? i'm in canada and i've never heard of it! never even seen ads for it either!

  3. haha yeah not with you on babies at all. My reaction would have been 'ugh disgusting, make it stop, my ears are bleeding, how do I get it out of here, how fast can I get out of here, i think this is an appropriate dine and ditch situation...' I'll stick with fur babies :)

  4. Those states maps are so fun! I need to do one sometime. :)

  5. you've been to so many states, thats awesome! i love me some babies but i don't love when they cry hahaha

  6. That is a lot of states! Hockey Wives looks like a fun show!