Monday, March 2, 2015

In Like A Lion

First & foremost...

Happy Texas Independence Day!!

Moving on...

Friday my girls had their first district game.  It was flippin cold!  So cold that they even let the girls wear jackets & sweatshirts over their jerseys.  JV lost 10-6 (technically it was 10-5 but the score keeper screwed up...)  Varsity on the other hand lost 18-1.  This is definitely a rebuilding year.  I had plans of possibly going to the BBQ cook off after the game but am so glad I decided not to get a ticket.  A) It was my turn to stay with the girls & wound up bringing one home so I didn't even get home until after 9 so I would've missed pretty much every show & B) Like I was flippin cold.


Saturday morning I went to the store & bought stuff to make banana muffins & peach cobbler.  I only got around to the banana muffins though.  I also cleaned out the Hart of Dixie & Nashville episodes on my DVR.  That was a mistake.  I sat there crying during every episode.  Then, because I'm old, I took an hour nap before heading down to meet my friend for the Bart Crow concert.  

I was so hungry when I got there that I made a beeline for the bar.  There were only a few open stools, as the rest were taken by a bunch of guys, so I asked the guy on the end if we could sit next to him.  I was so distracted by thoughts of food & booze, & the guy was kind of turned away from me when he said sure.  It took until all of the guys were walking away, & I had food/booze in front of me, for it to click that it was Bart Crow that I was next to...  He was super cool about it though.

The Bigsbys played before Bart Crow, they are so good y'all.  They kind of remind me of Whiskey Myers.  Both bands are actually from Palestine, TX.  Crazy!  I obviously thought Bart was amazing since that's who I paid to go see.  Afterwards, my friend & I went & took our picture with him...where it was brought up that we were the awkward food girls.  The bar that it was at closes early, which was fine by me because #OldLadyProblems

Sunday was all about being productive.  Well it was supposed to be, & I guess I was.  Productivity got put on hold for a dance around the house session & a 2.5 hour nap at one point.  I did manage to clean out the Chicago Fire episodes on my DVR, make peach cobbler, mozzarella stuffed meatballs, & stuffed chicken breasts.  I did a couple of loads of dishes too.    Ok so reading it all I was productive!  Yay for Sundays!

If y'all could do a rain/storm dance/prayer for Tuesday that'd be swell!  The girls have a softball game & I also have concert tickets to see Eric Church...I know I'll make it regardless but I'd rather not miss a minute...

Real rain though please...not money

On second though...if you could make it rain water & money that'd be cool too.


  1. I always take a nap before heading out! Sounds like rebuilding year for sure - I've been there before. And it about killed me because I'm way too competitive. But what really helped me was find "wins" that were things that didn't show up on the scoreboard. Like when a girl did something in a game that we had been working on in practice all week. That was about the only wins we got some years. I'm sure your girls love having you out there!

  2. Sigh. Peach cobbler, banana muffins, and Bart Crow. That's a good weekend!

  3. I took a 2 hour nap a few weeks ago before having to go out lol - I feel ya! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  4. hahaha girl i wish i could make it rain money.
    naps are the best. i have no idea who bart crow is, but if you were going to see him and then you wound up sitting next to him, that is so cool!

  5. I love naps; helps me enjoy the night more!!
    I also love catching up on the DVR at once, makes it a fun little marathon!!
    Yum :) Your Sunday dinner sounds fabulous!!

  6. I have 15 Chicago Fire episodes on my DVR right now. FIFTEEN. I haven't watched all season. I don't know if I'll EVER get caught up! lol

  7. Umm 2.5 hour nap on Sunday.. Thats childs play I slept nearly the entire day. No joke.

  8. Nashville and Hart of Dicie has been good this past season. So jealous of all your concert going. Some great artists.

  9. Food > ALL THE THINGS.
    I really want to wash Nashville, but that's a big commitment for me.. especially considering how big of a Grey's fan I am and I haven't watched ANY of season 11...