Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Sorry, it's another Pinterest dominated post.  My boards are insane y'all & I want them to go away!  These are all pins from my Teaching board that I can't actually use in the classroom...


Some teacher humor for your weekend: 5 images that made me smile

Made this for my "no name" area

By popular request - teacher memes in poster-quality prints for displaying in your classroom or using in presentations.

Teacher humor ;)

Apparently only elementary school teachers use Pinterest. A tattle tale phone is cute but its not going to work in a high school classroom.

They pay me so much overtime, I really don't mind grading papers on the weekend. Said no teacher ever.

This was my #1 most frequent and most annoying things I encountered as a teacher. (but most times, it wasn't just homework that was the problem...)

The idea of handing out these doesn’t seem so crazy to you. | 31 Signs You’ve Been A Teacher TooLong

Good question!! #teacherproblems


Yayyyy summer!


so true!!

Good thing both of my parents are teachers so they understand the struggle.


Image detail for -Funny Teachers Ecards | eCards for Teachers | Rubber Chicken Cards

So true.

So True!

' I'd rather spend my first week back at work sitting in on inservice meetings instead of getting my classroom ready,' said no teacher ever.

Of course I would never think this but thought it might be funny for others...... You believe me, right?? Right?!


Funny Teacher Week Ecard: The first day of school--The day when the countdown to the LAST day of school begins.

not ready yet!!

9 months of the year....I really do eat lunch in less than 10 minutes every day and that includes bathroom break.

Teacher Humor

Hey Teacher! Hey girl


For the teachers...


  1. This just made my whole day. YES. hahahah.

  2. I think the first one is universal to any workplace...if you write it in an email they still ask you the question you just answered LOL!

  3. well..... i'm glad i'm not a teacher right now ;)