Monday, December 22, 2014


Friday was such a long day.  I had woken up at 5 am for work & then didn't get back to my parents' house until 2 am.  After work I went home & did a couple of things while I waited for my ride to the airport.  Once I was there my flight time was changed 5 different times & the gate was changed twice.  Luckily it was a direct flight so I didn't miss any connecting flights.  I was so bored & getting crabby at the airport so I decided to head to a bar for a bit.  I probably would've drank more but those wings & that beer cost me almost $19 before tip...  Luckily the wings were bomb.  As soon as I was back in Minnesota...and then eventually back at my parents' I passed the eff out.

I spent most of Saturday just relaxing because I was still tired from getting in so late.  I finished reading my book that I had started on the plane (post coming soon) & made dip for a Christmas party.  That evening I headed off to Music Soulmate's house for a WeFest reunion/Christmas Party.  This is most of the people that I went to WeFest.  4 or 5 were missing.  It was a really fun, chill night.  We all just sat around talking, laughing, drinking, & eating awesome potluck food.  I'm definitely glad that these people came into my life.  I met all but 1 of these people at WeFest.  Even the 1 that I knew prior to a WeFest I wasn't really friends with.  We had mutual friends but that was about it.  It's true that music really can bring people together.

Adult hangovers are the worst.  I cannot hang.  It's not like I got white girl wasted either.  I woke up with a little headache which went away with some water & breakfast but I spent all day wanting to pass out.  By 4:30 I was ready for bed.  Unfortunately, the tree still needed to be decorated, cookies needed to be made, supper needed to be had.  It probably didn't help that on top of drinking, Music Soulmate & I stayed up until 2 or 3 am talking & I had been up until 2 am the night before as well.  So glad I don't have any night time plans until next Saturday...


  1. hahah heading to the bar at the airport for the win! Sounds like you had a great weekend girl. PS I cannot hang anymore either. Literally the worst these days!

  2. Even if I don't drink a lot, I'm always tired after I have a drink!

    Glad you're home for the holidays.

  3. I can't handle drinking anymore, I need days to recover! Haha!

  4. The bright side is your home and with family and friends!!

  5. Yep, adult hangovers are AWFUL>>> I nursed one yesterday as well!!!