Friday, November 21, 2014

One Dirt Road

It's been a hot minute since I linked up for Friday Favorites.  I think I'm finally getting back into the swing of things & have a few ideas for upcoming blog posts, plus I'm headed back to MN today which always makes me happy...and happy me likes to have blog posts.  So here y'all have it.  Some of my favorites this week.

Curtis Grimes - Better Off

From the Phone
I found this in my car from the Curtis Grimes concert.  I forgot that Scott Dean had even signed anything & I didn't even look at it when he gave it to me that night.  Apparently we both agree that Minnesota is cold.

My students have been working on a presidential report card project where they have to talk about how their president has fulfilled the roles of president & then grade them...some dear kid did this...

...and a different dear child ended theirs like this...

My classroom has once again turned into a clothing store.  I'm senior sponsor & their shirts are now available to be purchased.

The food class makes different meals throughout the school year to raise money.  The food was bomb!  I almost didn't buy one because I did last year & I never even got my food.  My 2 favorite kids asked me though & I couldn't say no.  The roast beef, peach cobbler, & mac and cheese were to die for.  I couldn't even finish all of the food.

#Funny Things

Teenager Posts


Hell yeah

Looks like something My sister would do.

My students insist on calling my "Famous People: Wise Words" bulletin board "Wise Dead Guys", despite many attempts to convince them that not all of these people are dead, but at least they get the basic idea behind it! I start the year with these nine posters and challenge students to bring me quotes to add to it them from people they learn about throughout the year. It ends up being quite the favorite, and inspirational, board!
GirlsGuideTo | 10 Empowering Quotes About Being Single | GirlsGuideTo

its gonna get harder before it gets easier quotes quote hearts life positive wise advice positive quotes life quotes life lessons positive quote wisdom

So true.

My pinterest boards are out of control.  I have 29 boards & over 7500 pins...  There are certain boards like "True Story" "LOL" & "Quotes" that serve absolutely no purpose.  I pin them & then never look at them again because why...I can't do anything with them.  I'm already in the process of turning the quotes one into a coffee table book & then I'm going to delete all of those.  As far as "True Story" & "LOL" are concerned...I'm going to just start pulling my Friday Favorite Funnies from those & then deleting them because I need to de-clutter my life ha.


  1. Lol with all those funnies. And that student with Bush giving the bird...absolutely amazing. I love stories from teachers in their classrooms....keep em coming.

  2. I havent linked up in a while either. Those funnies are killing me! My jeans right now is screaming celery!

    1. grammar policing myself "my jeans ARE screaming ...." #somelawyeriam

  3. Oh those funnies just made my morning!! Hope you have a great weekend!!

  4. That food looks amazing. I hope you gave the kid with the picture of Bush and the finger an A. That was creative.

  5. My pinterest boards are crazy too!!!
    That ending with George W... that's fantastic!!!!
    I always hate hearing my voice on a recording. I KNOW I don't really sound like that.

  6. That autograph is hilarious! as are your funnies!

  7. Those funnies are too much and that autograph is basically the best one ever.

    I hate my voice. I'm launching a podcast next year which is hilarious and I don't know how people will listen because really, my voice is the worst.

  8. LOL, I can't stand hearing my voice on a recording, I sound like a mouse! That food looks really yummy! Hope you have a great weekend!

  9. OMG your funnies are hilarious....and the one about the recorded voice is so true!! I can't sing but I song to Rea and I'm thinking how in the world does she like this?! And can't belivee you have sooooo many pinterest pins hahaha

  10. Haha I always hate hearing my voice on a recording!

  11. Haha your funnies are awesome! And I agree with you guys, Minnesota is flipping cold! :) Happy Friday!

  12. What an awesome autograph! Those kids are hilarious with the finger from Bush. Too funny!

  13. Peach cobbler and mac and cheese?! *drool* I haven't had peach cobbler in forever... SO DAMN GOOD!