Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Second Half Of My 20s Have Begun

Today I am 26.  Technically not until 10:43 am but whatever.  This year I did something big.  I bought myself a present.  Not a small deal present either.  I bought myself a trip to Memphis, TN to see Eric Church in concert.  The concert isn't until Halloween but I am so ecstatic!  He's my favorite & I have never been to Memphis.  I also bought myself a trip to San Antonio on Oct 25 to see Kip Moore.  I have friends from MN flying down for both!

Here is my 27 by 27 list.

1. Move back to Minnesota
2. Get some type of teaching job
3. Get into the U of M for my 2nd degree
4. Get a serving/bartending job
5. Visit a new state
6. Monthly girls' nights/weekends with Kickass Cousin
7. Read at least 12 books
8. Go to at least 6 concerts
9. Run at least 6 races
10. Get either both of my credit cards or 2 loans paid off
11. Create a different wreath/door sign for each season
12. Make 12 new recipes
13. Send a just because card to someone new each month
14. Do the 52 week money challenge
15. Get my motorcycle license
16. Paddleboard
17. Keep a my day in 6 words journal
18. Turn my Pinterest quotes board into a coffee table book
19. Visit 1 new MLB ballpark
20. Attend at least 1 NFL, MLB, & NHL game
21. MN state fair
22. Attend a food festival
23. Photograph Minneapolis/St Paul
24. If I'm still single on my 27th birthday start online dating...again...for paid accounts
25. Skydive
26. Learn to play my guitar
27. Go fishing at least 3 times


  1. happy birthday!!! I love your list... you're going to have a great year :)

  2. Happy birthday! What a cool list. I love it :)


  3. Happy Birthday! What a great list!

  4. happy birthday! you have a lot on your list, i hope you cross everything off!

  5. Happy Birthday! Good luck with the move and the job search! Bartending was one of my favorite jobs. If I didn't have to work nights and weekends, I'd totally do it again. I think that having fancy wreaths for the door for each holiday is super adult, I wish I had the dollas to buy ALL THE WREATHS!!!

  6. Love this list. Hope you had a wonderful birthday Bri.