Thursday, September 11, 2014

Sh*t My Students Say Vol. 1

I teach high school seniors & dull moments are rare.  They are either doing something or saying something that has me questioning the future of our nation or rolling with laughter.  So I bring you volume one of "Sh*t My Students Say"

During a power outage
Student: My phone is dying!  I need a charger!

Student walks to the door
Me: Go sit down
Student: I'm trying to look out the window
Me: The window is by your desk
Student walks back to desk

After getting the students to be quiet
Student: I told you she had some black in her

After asking them to tell me their first name & something they like that starts with the same letter
Student: My name is D___ & uhh I don't know what goes with a D
The entire class, myself included, lost it
Student: That is NOT what I meant!

Reviewing vocab
Me: Jus Sangunis means law of blood.  This means we are citizens because...
Student: Because we have blood!!

Student: how old are you
Me: How old do you think I am?
Student: 30...32
**I'm 25**

I showed them a google map of where I grew up
Student 1: Miss! Did you have any friends?
Student 2: Where are all the people?! Did you have any neighbors?
Student 3: What did your school house look like?!
Student 4: It's like Little House on the Prairie!!

Student 1: Miss we love you
Me: Well I love y'all too
Student 2: Miss love is a strong word...I like you...we can't just be throwing love around.


  1. LOL I love hearing what teachers have to say about their students, there is always some goodness that comes out of those classrooms. haha

  2. DYING. You should totally make this a link up... I already have things to share!!!

  3. These are so funny, especially Little House on the Prairie and throwing love around! I loved having younger teachers in high school because they could still relate and were never boring. I bet your students love you!

  4. BAHAHAHA! "I told you she had a little black in her!" Ohmigosh.. dying!

  5. Lmao! You should do this at least once a month! Dying right now at the "D" and that you have a little black in you!!!!

  6. hahaha i told you she had some black in her #dead ... kids.