Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I Can't Believe It Either

**I almost started crying last week (most likely due to PMS) when I was looking at lesson plans for 9/11 & realized my students were around 5 & therefore really only know a post 9/11 life**

**I politely called out someone who is about 3 steps above felt good**

...Thanks Dean...

**Long weekends just make me wish it could be summer vacation again**

**Taking a month off from working out was a terrible decision**

**When Mr. Fireman does little things like give me a can opener because I tell him I went all Macgyver on a can of jalapenos because I didn't have one...or offers to see if he can get the old W/D from work for free for me so I can stop going to the laundromat it makes me happy**

**If I see my neighbor walk their dog over to MY yard one more time to let them go to the bathroom shit is going to go down**

**Despite needing time to relax/clean/grade not having a single thing written on any Wed/Thur is making my OCD come out a little because the rest is filled**

**Sometimes I can't hold back my laughter, despite being the adult, when my students say inappropriate things whether intentionally or unintentionally**

**I deleted almost all of my online dating accounts.  Honestly I haven't even looked on any of them in awhile, it's usually just me going on to delete messages.  Being single doesn't bother me enough to actively pursue anyone right now & I'm so tired of creepy/disgusting boys**


  1. My comments multiplied and when I deleted one they both poofed. So anyway, if you didn't get them in your e-mail I basically agreed with you on all.the.things you said. Being over the creepy guys and laughing involuntarily at inappropriate things people/kids say! I feel this way on a daily basis. And of course other peoples' dogs crapping in my/your lawn. No prob, just bring your dog over to do his business. I like cleaning up his shit! Really!

  2. i took off last week from working out as my rest week and i'm also struggling to get back into it! also, i'm off work so i figure i can workout later...that's an even bigger struggle to have to peel myself away from organizing or computer to workout.

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  3. Aww that is sad that there are people who only know a 9/11 world. I feel you on that. I am taking a lot of time off soon and man Im going to need all kinds of help to get back to work haha Also that neighbour would have been so told off its not even funny!

  4. The dog thing would drive me bananas. I have two dogs and wouldn't EVER dream of doing that...which is why it's a requirement that we always have our yard to put them out in!

  5. That long weekend spoiled me, too. I want a week off now. Teaching high schoolers has to be hard because I'm sure eventually someone will figure out the inappropriateness of what they said!

  6. Aww, it's the little things that count! Getting you a can opener was sensible and sweet. I would scream if someone brought their dogs into my yard to do their business. SO rude!

  7. that is very sad about the kids only knowing post 9/11 but i imagine its how some older people feel about our generation and only knowing post war etc. there will be plenty of happy and equally sad times in every lifetime, unfortunately.
    i would seriously hose that neighbour down. RUDE!

  8. WOW, I would have cried too about your students. That's crazy! Dear summer, come back!!!

    I laugh at kids all the time and well I know I shouldn't.

  9. Yeah I am not a grown up because I always laugh about that stuff when kids say it. I can't help it. Also....that is horribly sad to know the kiddos are all post 9/11.....including my own.... :(

  10. I don't do the online dating thing. I tried it once or twice but it is really not for me. It also kind of freaks me out because of all the catfish stuff going on. I always find myself laughing at inappropriate things and/or at inappropriate times. Especially when I'm nervous. It is hard to imagine all the kids who don't know about 9/11 and live in a post 9/11 world.

  11. Why do they walk their dog over to your lawn to shit?! Start putting it on their fucking porch.

  12. I think one of my favorite parts of nannying was hearing all the hilarious things my kids would say without having any idea. "What are you laughing at?" was a dangerous question though!