Friday, September 26, 2014

Going To The Chapel

One of my cousins is getting married tomorrow so I'm back on a plane today to head back to Minnesota only to turn around & get on a plane on Sunday to head back to Texas.

**This Song**
Sam Hunt - Speakers

**This Week's Hashtags**


**Photos/GIFs on my Phone**
This gem was sent to a friend on Twitter for trying to be clever & bring up stuff that falls under "What happens at WeFest stays at WeFest"

I already shared this but seriously so excited for October.

I sent this to my work BFF, who I don't actually work with anymore, because we both hate our jobs.

This was in reference to how a group of us feels waiting for the newest Kip Moore album to come out.  (Check back tomorrow from tunes from his EP though)



  1. pizza stuffed mushrooms?! yum! i love that 'ref check your voicemail' lol

  2. OMG the frozen one pretty much sums up my week!! Have a great time at the wedding!

  3. The stuffed mushrooms look amazing!! Thanks for the good laugh too. The Dos Equis peeps are genius but the alligator trying to eat the elephant is priceless.

  4. That song and the HIMYM and the last quote. You win the interwebz today.
    Excuse me while I go play that song on repeat for the next 2 weeks, mmkkkaythx.

  5. I've made some bad decisions even when I WASN'T shaved. bahahahaha